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500 Global

500 Global

500 Global, formerly known as 500 Startups, is a venture capital firm discovering and backing entrepreneurs.


500 Global, formerly 500 Startups, is a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. It has invested in over 2500 companies, through five global funds and fifteen thematic funds dedicated to either specific geographic markets or verticals. Of its portfolio, 500 Global has forty-one companies valued at $1 billion or more and 125 companies valued at more than $100 million. The 500 team is composed of more than one hundred members in twenty countries. Investments span more than seventy-five countries. 500 Global invests in fast-growing technology companies with a focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can offer long-term value and economic growth.


In September 2021, 500 Startups rebranded to 500 Global. This was intended to signal an expansion of the firm's investment strategy to investing in later stage companies, as well as maintaining their early stage funding and accelerator programs. This is intended to allow the firm to invest in successful portfolio companies as they mature and to offer co-investment opportunities to limited partners.

500 Global Flagship Accelerator Program

500 provides seed capital and supports startups through their Seed Accelerator Programs that emphasize digital marketing, customer acquisition, lean startup practices, and fundraising for pre-Seed companies. 500 is also involved in development of innovation ecosystems through educational programs, events, conferences, and partnerships that support startups and investors.

500 Global has a four-month seed program in which the firm offers seed fund investments of $150,000 for participating companies, in exchange for 6% equity. This program includes a curriculum focused on marketing, culture, startup accounting, product design, sales, and finance, among other necessaries for building a startup. Further, it provides a demo day to help participating companies present to and secure interest from 500 Global's network of investors.

Accelerator programs


500 Founder Academy Kobe


The 500 Founder Academy Kobe program offers a virtual four-week program to help startups with their business. The program is designed to support startups in an independent manner, and offers sessions on growth fundamentals, sales, capital growth, among others.

500 Ignition Singapore


The 500 Ignition Singapore is a twelve-week program developed in collaboration with Startup SG to offer programming and mentorship to help entrepreneurs find fellow co-founders and launch startups in singapore.

500 x KIC Growth Bootcamp South Korea

South Korea

The 500 x KIC Growth Bootcamp is a program developed in collaboration with Korean Innovation Center to focus on South Korean startups.

500 x KIC SV South Korea

South Korea

The 500 x KIC SV program is an eight-week program done in collaboration with Korean innovation center. The program focuses on early-stage startups in a range of industries including Healthcare IoTs, Contech, Ed-tech, Fashion-tech, 3D AR/VR auto-tech, Sports-tech, and AI technology.


Tbilisi, Georgia

The 500Georgia accelerator program is an international program in partnership with Georgia's Innovation & Technology Agency and the Bank of Georgia. The program runs in three phases, the first of which is a four-week bootcamp on the foundations of startups, the second is six-weeks of intensive training with twelve weeks of follow up support, followed by a third stage which brings the top one to two companies to participate in an immersion trip to San Francisco.


500 Global operates out of a family of funds that works to invest in technology companies that offer economic growth in fast-growing markets around the world. This is to provide investors in the funds with diversification and scale to provide better returns. These funds work to invest globally, or in specific countries and regions around the world.

500 Global funds


500 Global Flagship Fund

Based out of San Francisco, 500 Global's flagship fund includes a series of five funds that invest across regions and industries. This was the firm's first fund and helped create the accelerator programs.

500 Istanbul

500 Istanbul is a venture capital fund focused on finding and funding entrepreneurs in Istanbul and the broader region. This fund backs seed-stage technology companies targeting sizeable markets and helping those companies scale globally.

500 Korea

500 Korea is a fund focused on funding startups in South Korea. Furthermore, it offers companies acceptance into in-house accelerator programs.

500 Latin America

The 500 Latin America fund allows 500 Global to focus investments from the fund on Latin American startups.

500 MENA

The 500 Global 500 MENA fund focuses on investments in the Middle East and Africa, and has been investing in startups in the area since 2012.

Portfolio companies


500startups Batch 1

500startups Batch 15

500startups Batch 3

500startups Batch 7

500startups Batch 14


Through their Ecosystems team, 500 Global works to partner with corporates, governments, startups, investors, economic development organizations, and NGOs to build an ecosystem that can create economic value and drive sustainable growth and development.

For governments

For governments, the Ecosystem for governments offers advocacy for startups as key drivers of economic growth and innovation. The aim is to bring impact into a region and help governments foster an ecosystem for startups. This is done in part through 500 Global's Eco6 Framework, which is identified in six steps to help built an entrepreneurial ecosystem in a region. These steps include building a pipeline of technology companies; developing talent pools; developing investment ecosystems; providing a platform for mentorship, support, and professional services; giving access to large markets; and working with businesses on government policy, regulation, and tax incentives and exemptions.

For corporates

For corporates, the ecosystems team focuses on working with corporates, startups, investors, economic development organizations, and NGOs to build ecosystems for startups and driving growth and development. This is based on 500 Global's Open4 Framework, which is a corporate innovation strategy framework combining innovation theories as practice. This includes strategic priorities, partnering with the right startups, understanding the value proposition of startups, and ensuring a corporate has the right culture to work with startups.

Venture Education

The Venture Education program offered by 500 Global offers a chance for aspiring venture capitalists and angels to learn from 500 Global and the lessons the firm has learned from their deals. The program offers real-world experience to help participants be ready to make better investments. Through the program, 500 Global partners with academic institutions to offer investor education programs, including live startup pitches, deal debates with peers, and negotiations in hands-on workshops with 500 Global's portfolio companies.


September 23, 2021
500 Global establishes presence in Alberta to strengthen the Alberta Innovation Corridor
September 24, 2019
Google veteran Tony Wang joins 500 Startups as managing partner
February 21, 2017
500 Global was founded by 500 Global, Bedy Yang, Christen O'Brien, Christine Tsai, Dave McClure and Khailee Ng.
June 1, 2011
500 Global raises a $50,000 seed round.

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