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TAE Technologies, Inc.

TAE Technologies, Inc.

Fusion energy company, formerly known as Tri Alpha Energy.

TAE Technologies (formerly known as Tri Alpha Energy) is leveraging proprietary science and engineering to produce commercial fusion energy. Their work has resulted in advances in accelerator and plasma physics as well as innovations in healthcare, transportation and power management.

TAE Technologies has raised $90.4M in funding over 6 rounds from Venrock, Vulcan Capital, and RUSNANO.

  • Princeton University - Theory and modeling of Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC) plasmas, development of plasma diagnostics.
  • University of California, Los Angeles - Studies of plasma turbulence in FRC and methods of advanced turbulence control.
  • University of California, Irvine - Gyrokinetic code development and numerical simulations of plasma turbulence.
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison - Materials research and radiation safety.
  • Lawrence Livermore National Lab - Divertor physics.
  • University of Pisa (Italy) - Spectroscopic diagnostics.
  • Budker Institute (Russia) - Neutral beams for plasma heating and current drive, plasma injectors for active boundary control, fast ion diagnostics, divertor physics.
  • Pelin, LLC (Russia) - Plasma refueling with cryogenic pellets.
  • Nihon University (Japan) - Plasma refueling with compact toroid plasmas.


April 2021
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $280,000,000 venture round from Addison Fischer, Arthur Samberg, Charles Schwab, Google, Kuwait Investment Authority, New Enterprise Associates, Venrock, Vulcan Capital and Wellcome Trust.
January 2019
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $100,000,000 venture round.
May 2016
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $375,000,000 venture round.
January 2015
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $40,000,000 venture round.
March 2013
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $40,000,000 venture round from Rusnano.
January 2010
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $50,000,000 venture round from New Enterprise Associates.
May 2007
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $40,000,000 series C round from Venrock.
November 2005
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $39,400,000 series C round from Venrock and Vulcan Capital.
September 2003
TAE Technologies, Inc. raises a $6,700,000 series B round from Vulcan Capital.

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Addison Fischer

Board of Directors

Anatoly Chubais

Board of Directors

C. Richard Kramlich

Board of Directors

David R. Ewing

Chief Information and Communications Officer

Debbie Margarit

Executive Assistant to CEO

Dr. Artem Smirnov

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Ernest J. Moniz

Board of Directors

Dr. Michl Binderbauer

Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

Dr. Richard A. Meserve

Board of Directors

Dr. Toshiki Tajima

Chief Science Officer

Gustav Eriksson

Strategic Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Samberg

Board of Directors

Jeffrey R. Immelt

Board of Directors

John Mack

Board of Directors

Jonathan Toretta

Senior Vice President, Global Business Development

Ken Roberts

General Counsel

Marco Arese

Board of Directors

Michael B. Schwab

Board of Directors

Michael Buchanan

Board of Directors

Michael Hartman

Vice President, Finance

Ray A. Rothrock

Board of Directors

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