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SolarCity is an american provider of energy services founded by Lyndon Rive and Peter Rive.

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March 2012
SolarCity raises a $81,000,000 series G round from Nicholas J. Pritzker, Shea Ventures, Silver Lake Kraftwerk and Valor Equity Partners.
January 25, 2010
SolarCity raises a $24,000,000 series E round.
October 30, 2008
SolarCity raises a $30,000,000 series D round from DFJ and First Solar.

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Delaware News Journal
July 13, 2021
The suit claims that Tesla's purchase of SolarCity was rife with conflicts of interest and was a bailout of the faltering company.
Sue Lannin
July 12, 2021
Wall Street's major indexes reach new record closing highs and Tesla boss Elon Musk tells a court the electric car marker would die if he was not the chief executive, amid investor accusations they were misled.
Reuters in Wilmington, Delaware
July 12, 2021
the Guardian
Shareholders want Musk to refund Tesla the $2.6bn the company paid for the ailing solar energy company
Aria Alamalhodaei
July 12, 2021
Elon Musk is testifying Monday morning in a lawsuit over Tesla's 2016 acquisition of SolarCity, a $2.6 billion transaction that a group of shareholders allege was a "bailout" of the failing solar company. The shareholders are seeking repayment to Tesla of the cost to purchase SolarCity. The suit, filed in the Delaware District Court in [...]
July 11, 2021
Plaintiffs allege that the billionaire entrepreneur led Tesla to overpay for SolarCity in 2016. Mr. Musk has defended the deal.
Isobel Asher Hamilton, Anna Cooban and Kevin Shalvey
May 21, 2021
Business Insider
Insider spoke with 14 Tesla Solar Roof and solar panel customers. Tesla's lack of communication "is infuriating for a $60,000 product," one said.
Timothy B. Lee
April 13, 2021
Ars Technica
One customer under contract told Ars his price rose from $66,000 to $87,000.
Matt Weinberger and Avery Hartmans
November 24, 2020
Business Insider
As CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and founder of The Boring Company and Neuralink, Elon Musk seems to be everywhere all at once.
Avery Hartmans
November 20, 2020
Business Insider
Elon Musk has had a wild life, but he's not the only member of his family who launched businesses, made millions, or achieved fame.
Elizabeth Lopatto
December 12, 2019
The Verge
A decade of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, the Boring Company, and other ventures suggests one pattern: Elon Musk is doing stuff even more often than before. Here's a look back at 2010, when Tesla went public and SpaceX launched its first Falcon 9, through 2019, which ended with the Cybertruck unveiling and Musk winning a defamation trial.
Business Insider
October 31, 2019
Business Insider
Tesla shareholders filed a lawsuit against the company in 2016, alleging that CEO Elon Musk pushed the company to buy SolarCity to enrich himself. They said it was a breach of fiduciary duty.
Isobel Asher Hamilton
September 24, 2019
Business Insider
SolarCity was founded by Elon Musk's cousins, Lyndon and Peter Rive, and Tesla acquired the company for over $2 billion in 2016.
Rob Thubron
September 24, 2019
Tesla's $2.6 billion purchase of SolarCity was controversial from the beginning. CEO Musk held 22 percent of Tesla's stock, making him the largest shareholder. He was also the largest shareholder of SolarCity, holding around 22 percent of its shares. The...
Reuters Editorial
September 23, 2019
Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk urged investors to approve the 2016 purchase of SolarCity at a big premium to its market value despite knowing the solar installer faced a cash crunch and publicly stating he had recused himself from involvement in the deal, according to court documents unsealed on Monday.
By David Yaffe-Bellany and Ivan Penn
August 20, 2019
A lawsuit complains of "years of gross negligence" in installing and maintaining equipment at hundreds of locations.
Reuters Editorial
Invalid Date
Tesla Inc on Wednesday announced the departure of its general counsel Dane Butswinkas, just two months into the job, the latest in a string of senior level exits from the electric carmaker.
BBC News
October 24, 2018
BBC News
Actor Elijah Wood voices a main character in the first video game made by Aardman Animations.
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