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Advanced Search is a bipartisan lobbying group for immigration and education reform in the United States is a a bipartisan organization leading on immigration reform and criminal justice reform. was started by people in the technology and business community to promote policies to keep the United States competitive in a global economy, starting with immigration reform and criminal justice reform. was founded in 2013 by Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Drew Houston, Ruchi Sanghvi and Sean Parker. is a 501(c)(4) bipartisan political organization that believes America's families, communities, and economy thrive when everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. They feel the current immigration and criminal justice systems have locked too many people out from the American dream. They seek to grow and build political support to break through partisan politics and concerns and achieve reforms.

In October 2014, was working on pushing immigration reform through during Obama's administration. Obama's decision to defer action on immigration reform stalled these early efforts.

In 2016, renewed their efforts at immigration reform with a multi-pronged campaign that was estimated to spend as much as $10 million over the year with digital and television advertising, research and polling. The 2016 initiative included an expansion of' activity into 12 states, with a focus on presidential battlegrounds held by Republicans. The election of Donald J. Trump and his rhetoric and policy stance on immigration stalled their progress.


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