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Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company

A company manufacturing plastics, chemicals, synthetic fibers, and agricultural products.

Dow Chemical Company is a company manufacturing plastics, chemicals, synthetic fibres, and agricultural products that is headquartered in Midland, Michigan and was founded in 1987 by Herbert H. Dow.


Dow founded the company to supplement the operations of his other two businesses at the time which were the Midland Chemical Company and the Dow Process Company. The first operation of the Dow Chemical company were the manufacturing of bleach to make use of the bromine extraction waste products made by the Midland Chemical Company. After successfully making bleach, the company began extracting chemicals such as chlorides, magnesium, and calcium from brine deposits sourced locally in Michigan.

In 1900 the Dow Chemical Company incorporated and assumed all property held by the Midland company. The Dow Chemical company played a role producing munitions for America's role in fighting World War I by switching its production focus to phenol, magnesium, and mustard gas. The company continued supporting the American military during the Vietnam War by producing napalm and Agent Orange for the war effort.


August 5, 2021
Dow receives the "Best in Enterprise Resilience" certification from Everbridge as a part of their Critical Event Management (CEM) CertificationTM Program.
Dow clinched two notable product wins for superior performance and wide application at the 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards in the Plastics Raw Materials & Additives category.
Dow Chemical Company was founded by Herbert Henry Dow.


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