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Tasktop provides companies with visibility into software portfolios and develops actionable insights for business value.


Tasktop provides companies with visibility into software portfolios and develops actionable insights for business value. The company was founded by CEO Mik Kersten and Gail Murphy and is based in Vancouver, B.C. Tasktop has raised $129 million in funding, including a $100 million investment round in 2021, led by Sumeru Equity Partners, with Elsewhere Partners and Yaletown Partners contributing.

Tasktop reports providing services to over one million users, forty-three companies in the Fortune 100, and leading brands such as Panasonic, Comcast, AT&T, Bosch, GE, CGI, BMW, Intel, and Virgin.

The company provides value stream management (VSM) software that enables digital transformation at scale. The Tasktop dashboard offers transparency into software delivery processes by helping organizations get a better understanding of processes for delivering software and whether or not they're delivering value.

Forrester Research defines VSM as "a combination of people, process, and technology that maps, optimizes, visualizes, measures, and governs business value flow (including epics, stories, and work items) through enterprise software delivery pipelines."

The Tasktop VSM platform primarily consists of Tasktop Viz and Tasktop Hub. Tasktop Viz gives users a real-time view of software delivery processes, detecting bottlenecks and business movement. Tasktop Hub enables users to connect multiple software delivery tools, such as Jira, ServiceNow, and Azure DevOps. The integration system can connect dozens of tools across hundreds of projects.

The Tasktop Viz VSM Portfolio Insights Dashboard provides IT, product leaders, and C-level executives with visibility into digital transformations. The tool also pinpoints areas that should be optimized and improved upon.

Management services

In addition to its platform tools, Tasktop offers implementation services, strategic advisory, technical support, and training programs aimed at businesses scaling value stream management.

VSM and product training

Tasktop offers a four-part training course that helps businesses learn about the value stream management best practices. Courses are either virtual or on-demand. The company also offers a Flow Institute course designed for enterprise business and technology leaders, with sessions covering the best practices and new innovations in how value stream management impacts software delivery ROI.

VSM consulting

Tasktop offers a free, one-hour consulting session with a value stream expert to help educate clients on organizational work flow management. The session also provides clients with custom value stream architecture map.

Custom Integration Services

The company offers access to solution engineers, aimed at businesses that need to develop custom connectors for in-house tools. This service enables critical systems in value streams to be integrated using Tasktop.

Case studies

Case study

CGI uses Tasktop Hub to support end-to-end efficiency and improve client satisfaction

CGI, through providing application development, maintenance, and support services to clients, wanted to ensure standardization across the services and products, and selected Tasktop Hub, which is designed around the concept of models, allowing for standardization and easy re-use each time a client is onboarded.

Frequentis uses Tasktop to automate traceability across tool boundaries

Frequentis, a supplier of communication and information systems for control centers with safety-critical tasks, started using Tasktop Hub to automate traceability across tool boundaries. The two main systems Frequentis used are Jama Connect and Atlassian Jira. Tasktop also allowed Frequentis to eliminate error-prone duplicate data entry, both boosting product development efficiency in the overall system.

NIO Inc. uses Tasktop to optimize efficiency and accelerate electric vehicle time-to-market

For NIO, which was working to decrease the time-to-market for the company's electric vehicles, while still doing the necessary R&D. The company began using Tasktop's Value Stream Management Platform which offered NIO DevOps tools which were able to integrate its internal systems, like Jira and Polario, as well as NIO's suppliers.

Panasonic Automotive uses Tasktop to comply with more stringent regulations for automotive components.

Panasonic Atuomotive, which provides sales, marketing, and engineering operations to the automotive industry, including entertainment systems to green energy solutions. And, to meet the increasing regulations required for automotive components, Panasonic Automotive helps provide automated traceability from requirements to code and integrates with Panasonic's internal systems and OEM customers.


April 8, 2021
Tasktop raises $100M in Funding from Sumeru Equity Partners.
December 9, 2020
Tasktop announces significant enhancements for Tasktop VizTM, the company's solution for connecting software delivery to business outcomes.
April 2017
Tasktop raises a $11,300,000 series A round from AVX Partners, Austin Ventures and Yaletown Venture Partners.

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Brian Solis
April 22, 2021
By focusing on the customer POV, CIOs can make digital transformation more visible and measurable within a business context.
Isabelle Kirkwood
April 8, 2021
Tasktop has raised $126 million CAD ($100 million USD) in growth equity financing, following several years of growth for the Vancouver-based startup.
April 8, 2021
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December 9, 2020
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