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Slang (company)

Slang (company)

An language education company with a platform that offers English for professional development. It has offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Bogota, Colombia and was founded in 2013.

Slang is a language education software company that has both mobile and desktop interfaces. Its stated goal is to aid English language learners in their quest to master the language so that their higher professional goals can be met.The product is tailored to Spanish speakers at any proficiency level.


The company offers specialized courses that are tailored to the user's specific career. Some careers include banking, project management and accounting. The software uses natural language processing and data analysis to redirect the users in real time depending on their progress in their current course. Users can check their progress in reading, writing, speaking, and listening by viewing an icon that indicates their ability for specific words. The interface also offers translations of words and phrases into the user's native language to aid with the learning process.

Slang can be used by individuals, businesses, universities, and English as a Second Language (ESL) schools.


December 6, 2016
Winner of contest

Slang is one of the winners of Virtual Edtech Contest.


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