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Next Play Capital

Next Play Capital

Next Play Capital is a fund-of-fund, tech-based, and sports industry startup venture capital firm.

Next Play Capital is a venture capital firm established in 2015 by Ryan Nece and Ronnie Lott. Both founders were previously National Football League (NFL) athletes. The firm is based in Redwood City, California.


As of July 2019, Next Play Capital has invested in 12 companies and sold off its ownership in four companies. The firm’s latest funded company was Brandless in September 2018, an e-commerce company selling a number of healthy and environmental friendly products without marketing it under any specific brand names.

Next Play Capital specializes in fund of funds investing, and often co-invests in companies with other venture capitals. Previous venture capitals who have co-invested with Next Play Capital were Comcast Ventures, Fidelity Investments, and Founders Fund. Next Play Capital funds tech-based startups and companies operating in the sports industry.


As of July 2019, Next Play Capital has one fund, NPC Exabeam, which was announced in April 2019. The fund raised $4.2 million.


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