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Furucombo is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2020.

COMBO Price Live Data

The live Furucombo price today is $0,087229 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $294 974 USD. We update our COMBO to USD price in real-time. Furucombo is down 1,01% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #1384, with a live market cap of $2 672 185 USD. It has a circulating supply of 30 634 199 COMBO coins and a max. supply of 100 000 000 COMBO coins.

If you would like to know where to buy Furucombo at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Furucombo stock are currently MEXC,, Hoo, BKEX, and CoinW. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

What is Furucombo?

Furucombo starts from a tool built for end-users to optimize their DeFi strategy simply by drag and drop, and it's now a DeFi portal to help you optimzie your crypto wealth.

Invest mode Explore and Invest in Furucombo's wealth management farms with ease and let us help you make the most of your money.

Create mode It visualizes complex DeFi protocols into cubes. Users setup inputs/outputs and the order of the cubes, then Furucombo bundles all the cubes into one transaction and sends out. We call this building-blocks setup a “combo”.

Furucombo V2 Prime & Roadmap

Furucombo is the cornerstone of trading strategies where users can track the movement of funds by following the transactions on the Furucombo proxy contract. This means one can maximize their profits or develop ideas about a unique strategy by monitoring what other trendy strategies are being developed.

On top of that, we are introducing Furucombo V2 Prime, where investors can invest in the top DeFi strategies directly without managing the execution themselves. This allows users to take advantage of the highest yields around the ecosystem right from one sleek and easy-to-use interface.

To kick off the launch of Furucombo V2 Prime, we will be introducing $10 million dollars in rewards.

In short: Furucombo V2 Prime provides the best trading experience for fund managers, thus fund managers can provide the best return for investors.

Permissionless and no-limitations are the keys to the best trading experience on Furucombo. You don’t need to know how to code to be a fund manager here. No need to write your smart contract or automation script to run your creative strategy. Additionally, you don’t need to apply or get approved to be a fund manager. All you need to get started is profitable investment strategies and Furucombo.

Furucombo V2 Prime will lower the barriers to entry for fund managers. That also means that it can capture the long-tail yield aggregator market and opportunities for the investors to further increase the overall returns.

Development Roadmap

Furucombo V2 Prime will introduce the Pool Combo system which is our crypto pooling fund management system. Fund managers of Pool Combo can create a strategy for the investors to participate in by using the various DeFi cubes on Furucombo. They can set the management fees or performance fees in return.

Furucombo V2 Prime aims to decentralize the Pool Combo system by going fully permissionless by 2022. The roadmap is divided into three milestones to achieve this goal, with the first one being released this September.

Auto Combo

Auto Combo provides auto-farming strategies with compounding rewards. This means you won’t need to manually harvest or claim your reward to compound your returns. Auto Combo is like your own compounding bot.

Currently, the creator of the Auto Combo strategy is the founding team. A 20% performance fee is applied for the strategy that will be used to kick off the COMBO governance. That means the proceeds will be re-invested into the COMBO/USDC liquidity pool. The LP tokens will then be further managed by Furucombo Governance by vCombo holders. Potential use cases are creating an insurance pool, giving developer grants, investing in pool combos, or distributing it amongst vCombo holders.

Furucombo has also developed a permissionless reward distribution system, Trevi, during our collaboration with Quickswap and Polygon to provide a triple reward program for the Auto Combo. As mentioned above, to kick off the launch of Trevi and Furucombo V2 Prime, Furucombo and its partners will provide over $10 million dollars in rewards in the form of Quick, Matic, and Combo tokens. Also included is our loyalty NFT program, which will further incentivize our most dedicated community members. More details on rules and the time period to follow.

Trevi is audited by PeckShield and HaskCloak, and is an open-source contract for project teams to create and customize their own staking contract for liquidity programs.

Furucombo Tokenomics

As the DeFi space continues to change at pace, users feel overwhelmed by the number of new DeFi products and the complexity of assessing them. Masters are good at profit-making, but the return is limited by the capital one can allocate. Builders are frustrated because it becomes more difficult to stand out in a sea of legos and increasingly difficult or costly to carry out composability with other protocols.

As a result, Furucombo has tapped into DeFi as an aggregator to help users navigate through the vast amount of protocols - to let masters focus on profit-maximizing, and to give builders a platform to bring out the potential of their product to the fullest.

The above diagram describes the goal to create a flexible, secure, and sustainable network of ecosystems regulated by cube-specific policies that are defined and validated through a governance process that empowers token holders with the right to decide the path forward.


May 20, 2020
Beginner's Guide to Use FURUCOMBO - FURUCOMBO - Medium

Welcome to Furucombo. In this guide, we’ll walk through all the basics you need to know to successfully create a combo. Before we begin, let’s talk about “what is Furucombo?”.

Furucombo is a tool built for end-users to optimize their DeFi strategy simply by drag and drop. Just like building your own DeFi legos, but you don’t need to know how to code. It visualizes complex DeFi protocols into cubes. Users just need to enter inputs/outputs and set up orders of the cubes (we call this a “combo”), then Furucombo will package all the cubes into one transaction and send out. This is a great tool for people who want to perform actions across different protocols, especially those who want to leverage flashloan. (We cover flashloan in the article here.)

Now you get the idea of what Furucombo is, let’s get started!

Furucombo Interface Guide

・DeFi Menu

To start creating a combo, first, you’ll need to select a DeFi protocol. Click the “+” cube then a menu of DeFi protocols will pop up. Here you can choose which DeFi protocol you want to put in your combo. Each button represents a cube to be set up. Each cube means an action to be executed. The search feature at the top lets you search by defi name, defi action (e.g. swap, add liquidity, etc) or name of the token that is supported under certain defi.

・Initial Funds

When you start setting up cubes, you may see a section at the top left called “Initial Funds”. It means the funds that you must provide at the beginning of the combo to initiate the transaction.

Initial funds are sent directly from your wallet. That been said, you must have enough balance of the token(s) in your wallet otherwise the transaction will NOT be executed. When your wallet is connected, the wallet balance of each token will be displayed here so you can always check before sending out the combo.

・You will receive

On the left, you see a “You will receive” section. These are the funds to be returned back to your wallet at the end of the transaction. It is the result of all the inputs and outputs you’ve built on the right, which are updated every time you make a change of a cube.

Step by step

When you select a protocol, you’re led to enter the details of the cube. Here you will frequently see the terms “Input” & “Output”.

Input means the amount of the token you will spend upon executing this action.

Output means the amount of the token you will receive upon executing this action.

Source of input can be tokens you have in your wallet or it can be outputs of previous cubes. Once you set up the cube, you can always edit/delete it by clicking the pen/trashcan icon at the top right of each set.

All cubes you set up are draggable. Simply click & hold the cube and drag it in the order you wish. When the combo is sent, actions are executed according to the order of the cubes.

Example: When you create flashloan, you’ll see a pair of two cubes appear. (1st cube means “borrow” and 2nd cube means “payback”.) The next thing you need to do is adding more cubes (actions you wanna do with the borrowed tokens) and drag them between the flashloan pair.

You can create a combo without connecting to your wallet. But if you want to send out the combo, you must connect your wallet. Simply click the cube with a wallet icon. Then choose your wallet to connect.

The complete flow of sending out a combo would be:

You’ve completed a combo! Don’t forget to share your result on Twitter simply by clicking the Twitter icon.

Contact Us

If you experience issues that are not covered in this guide, please reach out to the team directly through telegram.


Twitter: @furucombo


HOW FURUCOMBO WORKS. Create customized DeFi legos and put all strategies into one transaction. Pick up a DeFi protocol…

Coming up next, we cover how to build a combo leveraging flashloan.

We’ve also made a video tutorial of this guide. Check it out

Once your combo is sent out successfully, the button changes to “New Combo” and a message with the transaction link pops up. When you see these changes, congrats!

Click “Send”, then Furucombo will run an estimate of your combo. If the transaction will fail, a message will pop out as a reminder so you can modify your combo. Conversely, you will see a request pop-up on your wallet to sign the transaction.

Click “Approve” when your initial funds are ERC20 tokens. You only need to do this once.

Step 4: Sending Out a Combo

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Step 2: Drag and drop 🖱

Step 1: Setting up cubes

Just think that “Initial Funds” is how much you put and "You will receive" is how much you get at the end.


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June 7, 2021


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