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Digital assets platform, providing a one-stop destination for blockchain assets trading.

Hoo Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange registered in the Cayman Islands and headquartered in Hong Kong. The initial project was launched in 2017 and was only offering a digital wallet at that time. For the next 2 years, it was building a digital exchange.

Hoo Group was founded in 2018. After more than 3 years of development, it has become a global innovative and competitive digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology and underlying infrastructure application innovation, including HOO Exchange, Hoo Smart Chain, Hoo custody, Hoo Research, Hoo University, Hoo Cub Fund, Hoo Labs, HooSwap, HooPool, etc.

In June 2019, the corporation bought two Chinese exchanges, Chaince and OAX, and became a platform that offers a much broader range of services and trading products. In addition, the exchange has started its global expansion with the launch of the operation center in Dubai, the UAE.

The business scope of Hoo Group has been continuously expanding, including one-stop services such as trading, custody, HooLabs , incubation, lending, investment, Hoo Smart Chain and mining. With the continuous expansion and improvement of the ecology, it has come out of a development path of DEX+CEX with the characteristics of Hoo.

Hoo exchange features

Hoo Exchange provides its investors with various features to explore the services and decide where to invest. All services have detailed explanations of how each service works, helping users decide what works best for them. Here are some of the important features of Hoo Exchange:-

On the counter (OTC platform)

Hoo Exchange, with its OTC platform, helps investors buy and sell cryptocurrencies without any hassle. Hence, whenever a user feels the urge to transact with their assets, they can do so at a fixed price, which is generally not the case otherwise as prices fluctuate whenever there is a large sell or buy order.

Hoo Custody

Hoo Custody is committed to providing professional asset security management for blockchain businesses and building industry-leading custody services. There are two key concepts in Hoo custody, namely:

Business Wallet

It serves one-stop wallet service solutions in a variety of ways, such as - game providers, cryptocurrency exchange assistance, transfers, OTC platforms, game operators and wallet service providers, among many other functions.

Asset storage

This concept assists in the operation of businesses such as hedge funds or investment firms by making accounts related to trading transparent and ensuring proper communication for efficient business conduct.


The user can earn profit through HooPool by becoming a liquidity provider. The HooPool process is quite simple. All the user needs to do is provide liquidity through HooPool using liquidity mining and in this way he can earn a decent amount of liquidity rewards.


To instantly swap tokens, the user must select the HooSwap option. This trading table is an automated market maker (AMM) developed exclusively on the Hoo Exchange centralized platform.

Hoo Earn

HooEarn offers various savings plans that users can invest in to earn passive income. The categories of savings plans are listed below:-


June 2019
The corporation bought two Chinese exchanges, Chaince and OAX.
Founded of Hoo Group


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