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Field Roast Foods

Field Roast Foods

Field Roast Foods is a vegan food company making artisan vegan grain meat and cheese products. The company is located in Seattle, Washington and was founded in 1997 by David Lee and Richard Lee.

Field Roast Foods is a vegan food company located in Seattle, Washington, and founded in 1997 by a local Seattle chef named David Lee and his brother Richard Lee. The company specializes in making artisan plant-based meat and cheese alternatives. Field Roast Foods products are made through a combination of techniques derived from European Charcuterie and Asian Mien Ching to make meat and cheese alternatives out of grains, spices, and fats.

In 2014, Field Roast Foods temporarily stopped distributing its products in Canada due to the company disagreeing with food regulations set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA). CFIA required Field Roast Foods to test its products on animals to assess the status of their products as simulated meats, which are required to mimic the nutritional profiles of animal meat products and have a known protein efficiency ratio declared to CFIA. Field Roast Foods refused to comply with regulations set by CFIA due to animal testing being against their core values. CEO and founder, David Lee, applied for and was approved by the Canadian Food Directorate to continue selling its products in Canada without labelling their products as simulated meat.

Essen Foods

On June 19, 2018, Field Roast Foods announced a distribution agreement with Essen Foods. The agreement makes Essen Foods the exclusive distributor of Field Roast Food products for Australia and New Zealand. Field Roast Foods products experienced a 81% year over year (YOY) sales in Australia and New Zealand before coming to an agreement with Essen Foods.

Maple Leaf Acquires Field Roast Foods

The Canadian food company, Maple Leaf Foods, announced on January 29, 2018, that it acquired Field Roast Foods for $120,000,000 plus related costs.




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