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The Fry Family Food Company

The Fry Family Food Company

The Fry Family Food Company is a food company founded by Wally and Debbie Fry in 1991, and located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, making plant-based meat alternative and dairy products.

The Fry Family Food Company is the best selling vegetarian and vegan brand in South Africa, and export their products to over approximately 12,000 stores in over 20 countries. The Fry Family Food Company was founded in 1991 by Wally Fry and Debbie Fry, and is located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Wally Fry became inspired to start the Fry Family Food Company after building his own industrial piggery in South Africa, and was appalled by industrial scale farming practices. From this experience Wally Fry claims that from this experience "Something inside me broke", and in 1987 he has dedicated his life to living a cruelty-free lifestyle — which ultimately lead to the founding of The Fry Family Food Company in 1991.


In 2010, the co-founders of The Fry Family Food company, Debbie and Wally Fry, were awarded the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the year award.


All products made by The Fry Family Food Company is free of meat, egg, and dairy, and non-GMO. Products are also endorsed by the Vegan Society of the United Kingdom, and certified Halal, Kosher, and Shuddha.

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Artisan Chickpea and Quinoa Falafel Balls


Vegetable Protein (Soy, Wheat), Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavours, Modified Starch, Thickener (Carrageenan), Colour: Red Iron Oxide

Wheat · Gluten from wheat · Soya

Artisan Chickpea and Roasted Butternut Balls


Crumb (Wheat Flour), Chickpeas(25%), Butternut (20%) , Sunflower Oil, Carrots, Quinoa, Sweetcorn, Garlic, Sage, Sea Salt, Spices, Black Pepper, Cumin.

Wheat · Gluten from wheat

Artisan Southern-Style Tenders


Vegetable Protein (Soya, Wheat), Wheat Flour, Sunflower Oil, Wheat Fibre, Thickener (Methyl Cellulose), Colour: Caramel IV, Sea Salt, Garlic.

Wheat · Gluten from wheat · Soya

Asian Spiced Burgers


Vegetable protein (20 %) [Soya · Wheat (Gluten)] · Vegetable oil (Sunflower seed) · Starch · Modified starch · Flavourings · Wheat flour · Wheat fibre · Spices (8 %) (Sulphites) · Sea salt · Thickener (Cellulose) · Onion (2 %)· Mustard · Garlic (0,2 %) · Colour: Caramel.

Wheat · Gluten · Soya · Mustard · Sulphites.

Battered Prawn-Style Pieces


Vegetable protein (Contains Soya) · Vegetable oil (Sunflower Seed) · Coating [Contains Wheat Flour (Gluten) · Corn flour · Raising agent (E500 · E450) · Stabiliser (E461) · Citric Acid · Arabic Gum · Vitamin E] · Thickener (Cellulose) · Sea Salt · Wheat Fibre (Gluten) · Garlic · Lemon Zest · Seaweed.

Soya · Wheat · Gluten




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