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Costanoa Ventures backs tenacious and thoughtful founders who change how business gets done.

Company Overview

Costanoa Venture Capital is an early-stage investor in cloud-based services solving real problems for businesses and consumers. The firm is designed to deliver a unique value proposition to entrepreneurs: the flexibility to invest moderate amounts of capital and yet support companies over time; active collaboration with entrepreneurs around product-market fit and initial market entry; and the support and patience to help them build real companies with real technology. The firm formally launched in December 2012 with an early-stage fund of $100 million.


The firm, founded by Greg Sands, started with a $100 million fund in 2012. The venture capital firm specializes in series A, seed/startups, and early-stage investments. It seeks to invest in cloud-based services for businesses and consumers leveraging data and analytics with a focus on applications and infrastructure, social and mobile opportunities in the enterprise, and big data technologies. The firm invests between $0.5 million and $3 million. Costanoa Venture Capital is based in Palo Alto, California.

Costanoa Ventures team has helped hundreds of startups go to market, achieve product-market-fit, and become successful. They focus on early-stage companies because it's where they have the most impact. They invest mostly in SaaS infrastructure and marketplaces.


Costanoa Ventures has made 83 investments. One of their investments was made on Apr 4, 2019, when they invested $3M in AppOmni. Costanoa Ventures has raised a total of $550M across 5 funds, one of them being Costanoa Ventures Opportunity Fund. This fund was announced on Dec 6, 2018, and raised a total of $75M.

Costanoa announced the closing of their $135 million second fund in 2015. The firm focuses on cloud-based consumer and business services, analytically driven applications, and data-driven infrastructure. Costanoa Venture Capital provides seed and Series A funding for smaller companies. First-round investments range from $500,000 to $3 million.

Costanoa Venture Capital started with ten initial investments. The current portfolio includes: Acme Ticketing, Alation, Apptimize, Bugcrowd, Demandbase, Directly, Gamechanger, Grovo, Guardian Analytics, Inflection, Intacct, Kahuna, Kenna (Risk I/O), Krypton, NovoEd, Propeller Aero, Quizlet, ReturnPath, Stitch Labs, VictorOps, Viglink, Welcome and ZenIQ. Datalogix, iSocket, Lex Machina, LinkSmart, and 3scale have been acquired.


April 4, 2019



December 6, 2018

Costanoa Ventures Opportunity Fund


December 2012

The firm formally launched in December 2012 with an early-stage fund of $100 million.

Funded Companies


Directly is a San Francisco-based developer of artificial intelligence systems of customer experience and chatbots founded by Antony Brydon, Jean Tessier and Jeff Patterson.

NovoEd is a program delivery platform, founded by Stanford University professor Amin Saberi and PhD student Farnaz Ronaghi, that partners with training firms, corporations, educational institutes and foundations to provide blended learning solutions.

An education technology company that has created a platform where students can create review games for the content which they are studying It was founded in 2007 and is located in San Francisco, California.

Bugcrowd is an enterprise cloud computing and computer security crowdsourcing company that offers a platform for security testing, web, mobile, source code, and client-side applications.

A technology company offering a software-as-a-service risk and vulnerability intelligence platform for measuring rick and prioritizing remediation efforts.

Kepler Communications is a company that has a focus on satellite communications

A software company supplying open-source management software and infrastructure for open-source development teams.

Isocket is an advertising company.

A deep learning company that develops and builds OS for Brick & Mortar Retail

Aquabyte is a San Francisco-based company founded by Bryton Shang.

NumberAI is an Oakland, California-based artificial intelligence company.

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Costanoa Venture Capital QZ, LLC
October 28, 2015
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