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Calico (company)

Calico (company)

A biotechnology company researching and developing therapies to increase human lifespan.

Calico (California Life Company) is a biotechnology company owned by Alphabet researching and developing therapies to increase human lifespan that is headquartered in South San Francisco, California and was founded in 2013 by Arthur Levinson. During the companies launch announcement the CEO of Google at the time, Larry Page, made the following statement about Calico's founder Arthur Levinson:

Illness and aging affect all our families. With some longer term, moonshot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology, I believe we can improve millions of lives. It’s impossible to imagine anyone better than Art—one of the leading scientists, entrepreneurs and CEOs of our generation—to take this new venture forward.
University of Pennsylvania

On November 28, 2019 Calico announced it will be collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania's Translational Medicine and Therapeutics. Dr. Garret FitzGerald will lead the collaboration project which is to monitor the progress of the clinical trials of Calico's drug candidates, and to identify collaboration opportunities for scientists at the University of Pennsylvania to work with Calico on creating therapies for anti-ageing and age-related diseases.


The following list contains the peer-reviewed research papers published by scientists working with Calico:


March 8, 2022
Calico raises a $2,000,000 seed round from Maple VC, Serena Ventures and iNovia Capital.
September 18, 2013
Calico was founded by Arthur D. Levinson and Google.

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July 27, 2021
Seven years ago, AbbVie penned an early-stage deal with Google/Alphabet's life sciences division Calico: The pair have clearly enjoyed their time together, as they are penning a second extension for that collab.
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January 6, 2021
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