Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation operates as a non-profit organization that focuses on healthcare, poverty, and educational sectors in developing countries.

Company Overview

The organization provides grants for agricultural development, global health, and technical education programs. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was formerly known as William H. Gates Foundation and changed its name in 2000. The organization was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a grant-making foundation that supports initiatives in education, world health and population, and community giving in the Pacific Northwest. In its local region, the foundation promotes strategies and programs that help low-income families. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was co-founded by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates in 2000 and is based in Seattle, Washington, with regional offices in Washington, D.C.; New Delhi, India; Beijing, China; and London, United Kingdom. Its trustees are Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a partner of the Global Fund, provides cash contributions, participates on its board and committees, and supports the Global Fund's advocacy, communications and fundraising efforts.

The Gates Foundation has contributed US$2 billion to the Global Fund as of January 2018, and pledged US$600 million for the Global Fund's Fifth Replenishment, covering 2017-2019. This includes US$132 million in matching funds with the United Kingdom's private sector malaria matching challenge, and up to US$100 million to unlock other private sector contributions, including funds that go through (RED). The Gates Foundation and other foundations are represented on the Global Fund Board through the private foundations delegation.

The main mission of the foundation is to make advances in:.

  • Discover new insights to fight diseases and other health problems affecting developing countries.
  • Develop effective and affordable vaccines, medicines, and other health tools.
  • Deliver health solutions.

The foundation's Global Health Program that accounts for about 50 percent of total spending focuses on 20 diseases. The top five are: diarrheal diseases (including rotavirus), pneumonia, malaria--most deadly to kids--and AIDS and TB, which mostly affect adults.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports advocacy efforts to build awareness of global health challenges, develop new ways to finance health programs, and improve health data.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has made 93 investments. One such investment was on Jan 29, 2019, when they invested $55M in Lyndra Therapeutics. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has had 14 exits which include Novartis, Moderna Therapeutics, and Synlogic. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has $43M in revenue annually and it competes with Carnegie Corporation of New York, Open Society Foundations, and Lumina Impact Ventures.

The Gates Foundation has funded many of the Friends of the Global Fund organizations as well as advocacy partners in both developing and developed countries. The foundation provided support to develop and launch initiatives like Debt2Health and (PRODUCT)RED. The foundation has also funded special initiatives in the health supply chain related to the Global Fund.


September 17, 2019

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launches its third annual Goalkeepers Data Report.

January 2018

The Gates Foundation has contributed US$2 billion to the Global Fund as of January 2018, and pledged US$600 million for the Global Fund's Fifth Replenishment, covering 2017-2019.

Funded Companies


A company developing antibody-based biological medicines for kidney diseases and other chronic diseases. Visterra was acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in 2018.

A biotechnology company that develops medicines based on live bacterial consortia that can colonize the human intestine.

Evolve Biosystems is a company developing a consumer product, Evivo, that improves infants' gut health.

BetterLesson is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company.

A company developing targeted monoclonal antibody immunotherapies for the treatment of infectious diseases

A company developing diagnostic platforms such as test for HIV/AIDS and cell counting

CropIn Technology Solutions is a business analytics company founded by CropIn Technology.

Lyndra Therapeutics is a Watertown, Massachusetts-based company.

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The multi-billion dollar philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said on Thursday that its chief executive officer, Sue Desmond-Hellman, is to step down after more than five years, to be replaced by Mark Suzman.
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The largest private foundation in Spain and one of the most important worldwide,"la Caixa" promotes this pioneering programme for child immunisation in areas of difficult accessibility in Africa and Latin America in a partnership with Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in cooperation with the Institut de Salut Global de Barcelona (ISGlobal). The Alliance for Child Vaccination adopts a pioneering formula to encourage corporate social resp...
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