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A company developing customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Attio is a London-based developer of a customer relationship management and team workspace software.


The Attio product is a database product that allows its user to view contacts, tasks, and other data applicable to relationship management. The software also includes lead enrichment features to create insights into those contacts.

Conversations between team members and between contacts are automatically sorted and pinned to a contact's record—allowing users to search a contact's name and find the record of their conversation.

Attio offers users a table view, Kanban view and calendar view to visualize and organize conversations. Attio also offers users custom keyboard commands, team updates displayed in real-time, and permission controls for individual users to entire collections. Attio is available in web, mobile, Chrome extension, API, and can be integrated into Zapier.

Attio offers templates for Startups, Venture Capital firms, and Private Equity firms.


Attio offers users more customization through an API and its integration with Zapier. Both integrations offer users the chance to create if-this-then-that automations and trigger actions in integrated products.


November 24, 2021
Attio raises a $7,700,000 seed round.
October 6, 2020
Attio adds a Chrome extension for workspaces.
September 22, 2020
Attio announced their Zapier integration

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