Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods is a plant-based food company operating out of Glendale, California, that was founded in by Cole Orobetz and Loren Wallis in 2015.

Alpha Foods was founded by Cole Orobetz and Loren Wallis in 2015, and is located in Glendale, California. The company makes pre-made plant-based meat alternative and other plant-based food products, specializing in producing products that are natural, vegan, and full of plant proteins. All products made by Alpha Foods are free of GMOs, cholesterol, hormones, corn syrup, artificial preservatives, and animal products.


All Day Burritos

All Day Burritos are pre-made with plant-based proteins, a variety of vegetables, and seasoning blends mixed into a tortilla shell. Alpha Foods offers four different choices of All Day Burrito: Mexicalli, Philly Sandwich, Pizza, and Chick'n fajita.

Handheld Pot Pies

Handheld Pot Pies are pre-made with plant-based meat alternatives, vegetables, and sauces. Alpha Foods offers six different Handheld Pot Pie products, they are: Buffalo Chick'n, Chick'n Veggie, Pizza, Beefy Cheddar, Spinach Feta, and Chick'n Pesto.

Breakfast Burrito

Alpha Foods offers two different kinds of breakfast burritos made from their Alpha Crumble, dairy-free cheese, and seasoned tofu mixed into a tortilla shell. The two Breakfast Burritos offered by Alpha Foods are Pesto, and Green Chili.

Breakfast Sausage Patty

Alpha Foods offers a plant-based alternative of the breakfast sausage patty.

Alpha Dog

The Alpha Dog is Alpha Food's plant-based alternative to the traditional hot dog. There are two kinds of Alpha Dogs offered by Alpha Foods, the Original and Jalapeno Cheddar.

Alpha Burger

The Alpha Burger is Alpha Food's plant-based alternative to the traditional hamburger. There are two kinds of Alpha Burgers offered by Alpha Foods, the Original and Southwestern.

Meatless Meatballs

There are two plant-based alternatives to meatballs offered by Alpha Foods, Italian and Sweet Onion.

Grilled Chick'n

Alpha Foods offers two plant-based chicken alternative products, one resembling chicken breasts and the other resembling chicken strips.

Alpha Crumble

A plant-based crumble for use in chili, taco, pasta, burrito, pizza, or dish of your choosing.


Venture Round

On December 1, 2016, Alpha Foods closed an unknown funding series raising an undisclosed amount of capital from New Crop Capital.


February 11, 2020

Alpha Foods raises a $28,000,000 series A round from Blue Horizon Foundation, AccelFoods, New Crop Capital and Green Monday Ventures.

March 2019

Alpha Foods raises a $7,000,000 seed round from AccelFoods.

March 11, 2018

Seed Funding

Total Raised: $5,350,000

Lead Investor: New Crop Capital

Investors: Blue Horizon and Arbel Growth Partners

February 27, 2018

Alpha Foods raises a $5,400,000 seed round.

November 30, 2016

Venture Round

Total Raised: Undisclosed

Investor: New Crop Capital

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Andrew Lis

Vice President of Sales

Arinn Ryan

Head of Marketing

Cole Orobetz

Co-Founder, CFO, and COO

Loren Wallis

Co-Founder, and CEO

Richard Rawnsley

Vice President of Finance

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Jonathan Shieber
February 11, 2020
Alpha Foods, the vegetarian prepared food manufacturer, has raised $28 million in financing for its portfolio of vegetarian burritos, tamales, nuggets, pizzas, burgers, patties, and sausages. The Glendale, Calif.-based company was launched by Loren Wallis, the founder of the dairy substitute, Good Karma Foods, and Cole Orobetz, a former director with the agricultural debt lending [...]


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