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42 Technologies

42 Technologies

42 Technologies Inc. is a cloud-based business-to-business predictive analytics platform for retailers. It consolidates point of sale data to allow retailers to leverage data across various platforms and more easily identify key trends among customers and sales.

42 was founded in February 2013 by Cathy Han and Nick Porter at Decoded Fashion, a platform for startups to develop and pitch technological innovations for solving problems faced in the fashion and retail industry. Launching amid the New York Fashion Week in February 2013, 42 was selected as a finalist at the event, and later debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, where it was named one of TechCrunch's 30 most disruptive companies. Originally based in Toronto, 42 was chosen for the Winter 2013 batch of Y Combinator, and is now located in San Francisco. In May 2018, 42 Technology launched monitoring system for secondary electrical distribution substations.

42 Technologies developed a data platform designed to provide access to key retail metrics. The company's data platform has over 100 retail-specific metrics to best use all of a business retail data from a top-level overview of a business to visual item reporting, flash reports, visual item grid, drilldown analysis and ad-hoc reporting, enabling retail businesses to reduce time spent making key performance indicators.

The 42 platform is a predictive analytics platform that works to personalizes in-store retail. They use big data technologies to process point-of-sale data (POS) and find growth opportunities for retailers. And they work to make it intuitive to identify key growth trends and overall purchase patterns.


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