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Nuclear reactor design company founded by a group that includes Bill Gates. In addition to efficient nuclear power, TerraPower is also researching the how the heat generated by nuclear reactions could be used for purposes other than turning steam turbines.

TerraPower is a leading nuclear innovation company that strives to improve the world through nuclear energy and science. TerraPower acts as an incubator and developer of ideas and technologies that offer energy independence, environmental sustainability, medical advancement and other cutting-edge opportunities. TerraPower actively works to bring together the strengths and experiences of the world’s public and private nuclear research and energy sectors. The company was founded by Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries who decided that the private sector needed to take action in developing advanced nuclear answers for pressing global needs.

TerraPower’s main focus is the development of safer, cheaper, more efficient nuclear reactors, with an emphasis on two design concepts known as traveling wave reactors and molten chloride fast reactors. TerraPower also works on next-generation uses for coal. The company is part of a team that includes Ramaco Carbon which received more than $1 million in federal funding, from the US Department of Energy, to develop an emissions-free process to produce carbon fiber from coal.

Ramaco Carbon is looking for higher-technology uses for the carbon from coal, such as advanced products like carbon fibers, to increase its value and lower the environmental footprint from its use. Carbon fiber is used in high-end, high-performance products. TerraPower has conducted research into how the heat generated by nuclear reactions could be used for purposes other than turning steam turbines, one of which could be an emissions-free process to transform biomass and fossil resources into useful products. TerraPower stated that they believe they can create carbon fiber precursor using elements of coal rather than the petrochemical product, poly acrylonitrile.


August 12, 2021
TerraPower and Cardinal Health announce manufacturing and distribution agreement for Actinium-225
Expansion of laboratory space

In 2019 TerraPower expanded their laboratory space to a 65,000 square foot lab located in Everett, Washington.

DOE awards TerraPower with $1M for joint venture with Ramaco Carbon project.
Joint venture establish with China National Nuclear Corporation

In 2017 TerraPower announced a joint venture with China National Nuclear Corporation to co-develop TWR technology.

Awarded $40 million from U.S. Department of Energy

In 2016 TerraPower announced receiving a $40 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy for researching, designing, and testing the company's molten chloride fast reactor project.

Laboratory expansion

In 2015 TerraPower expanded its laboratory to a 10,000 square foot research and development facility that will focus on advanced nuclear energy technologies.

Cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation

In 2015 TerraPower signed a MOU for cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation for their TWR program development.

September 26, 2012
Acquired by Littlefuse

On September 26, 2012 TerraPower was acquired by Littelfuse for $10.6 million.

Launch of global fuel, materials, and component development program

In 2012 TerraPower announced launching their global fuel, materials, and component development program in collaboration with universities, national laboratories and companies.

Launch of test reactor radiation and ion radiation program

In 2012 TerraPower announced establishing their test reactor irradiation and ion radiation programs.

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Bill Gates

Chairman & Co-Founder

Christian Blessing

Director of Business Development

Eric Williams

Director of Engineering

Jeff Latkowski

Senior Vice President, Innovation

Jeff Navin

Director of External Affairs

Mike Shaqqo

Vice President Commercial Operations

Nathan Myhrvold

Vice Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder

Rob Corbin

Chief Engineer Sodium Fast Reactor Technology

Tara Neider

Senior Vice President Program Development and Lab Facilities

Tom Hughes

Senior Vice President, Engineering

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August 12, 2021
TerraPower and Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH) today announced an agreement that will help advance the next generation of cancer treatment. Under the agreement, the companies will work together to develop and produce Actinium-225 for use in drug development and commercial sales. "Through TerraPower Isotopes®, our team harnesses our focus on nuclear science and innovation and applies it to the health care sector to enable the development of targeted and potentially lifesaving cancer treatments...
The Economist
June 9, 2021
The Economist
The hope is that it will work well with renewable-dominated power grids
Kate Duffy
June 3, 2021
Business Insider
Bill Gates said the new advanced nuclear reactor would be better-performing and less expensive than a traditional nuclear power plant.
June 3, 2021
the Guardian
The project in Wyoming - the country's top coal-producing state - is a small advanced reactor that runs on different fuels to traditional ones
The Associated Press
June 2, 2021
A next-generation, small nuclear plant will be built at a soon-to-be retired coal-fired power plant in Wyoming in the next several years, business and government officials said Wednesday.
Benji Jones
February 15, 2021
Business Insider
Bill Gates tells Insider how to slow climate change through innovation, and what a new administration can do to help.


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