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Gen4 Energy

Gen4 Energy

A company that was developing an advanced technology mini nuclear reactor, based on intellectual property developed by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory. It was located in Denver, Colorado.


Gen4 Energy (formerly Hyperion Power Generation) was a company formed to commercialize the Gen4 Module, an advanced technology mini nuclear reactor. Based on intellectual property developed by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Gen4 Module was designed to be a small and transportable power source for remote locations.

The Denver-based company was founded in 2007 and received funding from venture capital firm Altira Group as well as being awarded a $3.5 million grant from the United States Department of Energy in 2013.The company is now out of business.


The product that the company was researching and designing was the Gen4 Module (G4M). It produced 25 megawatts of electricity to power remote mining or oil and gas operations, large government complexes, and isolated and island communities. The stated intention for the G4M was to provide safe and reliable power that emitted no greenhouse gasses. The product was described as a viable small-scale alternative to current light-water reactors (LWRs).


June 3, 2008
Gen4 Energy raises a $10,000,000 series A round.

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April 28, 2012


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