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Elysium Industries

Elysium Industries

Nuclear Engineering company developing liquid-fueled molten chloride salt fast reactors for commercialization.

Elysium Industries is a nuclear engineering company specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of molten chloride salt fast reactor (MCSFR) technology. They have adapted and improved the molten salt reactor design for commercial deployment. Their development path requires only the confirmatory research on existing materials and components, leading to faster commercialization. Elysium's goal is to develop a low-cost, safe, easy to manufacture, and environmentally friendly nuclear reactor.

MCSFR benefits include:

  • Flexible power capacity (high or low)
  • Low plant cost
  • Low electricity generation costs
  • Higher efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • On-line fueling
  • Full fuel utilization
  • No need for operator intervention for reactor shutdowns

In addition, Elysium's MCSFR reactor design has the ability to consume spent nuclear fuel and weapons waste transforming it into useful energy.

The company was founded in 2015 by Guilherme Fagundes, Ed Pheil, Seira Mori, and Carl Perez. Elysium's headquarters are in New York.



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