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Moltex Energy

Moltex Energy

A nuclear energy company making a stable salt reactor.

Moltex Energy is a nuclear energy company making a stable salt reactor that is headquartered in London, England and was founded in 2014 by Ian Scott and John Durham. The nuclear stable salt reactors made by Moltex Energy are able to use existing stockpiles of nuclear material and use molten salt in conventional fuel assemblies to ensure efficiency and safety.

Each Moltex Energy stable salt reactor can be design to produce 150MW to 1200 MW of power. The company makes three different kinds of stable salt reactors, they are the waste burner reactor SSR-W, the uranium reactor SSR-U, and the thorium reactor SSR-Th.

Investment and crowdfunding round

On September 23, 2019 Moltex Energy completed an investment round with £6 in funding from undisclosed investors and crowdfunding from approximately 170 investors through the Shadow Foundr platform. The business development director of Moltex Energy, Simon Newton, made the following statement regarding the company's funding:

Moltex is pioneering a different form of nuclear power generation; it’s fission, but not as the world knows it. Our plants are inherently safe, very cheap and will use up the stockpiles of nuclear waste generated by the current industry. We’re delighted to have so many new investors supporting our mission both to tackle climate change and reduce energy prices.


September 2019
Moltex Energy raises a $7,500,000 crowdfunding from Shadow Foundr.

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