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Synbio Technologies

Synbio Technologies

Biotech company with focus on DNA technology and its applications

Synbio Technologies is a biotechnology company focused in the area of DNA technology and its applications. Its main platform is Syno, is a synthethic platform that is capable of synthesizing complex genetic sequences up to and including 150kb long. It has also added a new GPS (Genotype, Phenotype, and Synotype) system to its platform, which is aimed to quickly and easily translate or reverse translate between genotype and phenotype.

The company's scientific capabilities encompass areas such as DNA engineering, DNA synthesis, genome synthesis, pathway synthesis, synthetic biology, pharmacogenomics, microbiology, translational biology and the applications of synthetic biology. With the use of its Syno platform, Synbio offers various services including, gene synthesis, plasmid preparation, PCR cloning, subcloning, site-directed mutagenesis, and vector construction.

In July 2017, Synbio and Twist Bioscience announced a non-exclusive agreement to partner their respective capabilities to provide customers with access to long-length genes up to 70 kilobases. And similarly, in November 2017, Synbio and GSL Biotech finalized a non-exclusive agreement allowing customers of GSL's "SnapGene" software to order constructs directly from Synbio after having designed them in SnapGene.



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