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Starlink Metaverse

Starlink Metaverse

Starlink (STARL) Metaverse is an interactive, 3D universe that is virtually based in space.

STARL Metaverse is a virtual space project slated to be expanding and interactive, in which non-fungible tokens of satellites, living modules, custom spacecraft, real estate, character modifications, and others interact in a virtual economy. STARL Metaverse is developed by Woof Decentra and Moe Larson. Woof Decentra is the developer behind Leash, the Shiba Inu token.


Users will be able to purchase and sell virtual real estate; purchase satellites for personal use or to rent to other users; develop, sell, and purchase NFTs; customize an avatar; interact with other people; gamble; offer and listen to educational sessions; play games; and more.

The STARL Marketplace connects the metaverse, games, and blockchain. It is used to locate, develop, and trade NFT items for users' adventures and virtual life in space. On the marketplace, artists can list their creations, explorers can put up found treasures for sale, pilots can search for ship upgrades, and other users can purchase customizations for their avatars or virtual real estates.

The first non-fungible token auction on the metaverse took place in September 2020. It involved the sale of about eighteen digital satellites, and this sale amassed about $1.5 million for the STARL Metaverse project.

The following are some of the major points of the STARL ecosystem:

  • STARL Token: The $STARL Token is the currency utilized in the STARL Metaverse and STARL Marketplace.
  • STARL Universe: This is a gamified 3D virtual space metaverse that is a part of the Star-link ecosystem.
  • Gaming portal: Users can portal to games such as WarpNexus and others to test their skills; earn rewards; and create, explore, and battle with or against other users in the STARL Metaverse.
  • Profile: This is the visual representation of a user's presence in the metaverse.
  • STARL NFTs: These NFTs are generated on the blockchain. STARL NFTs are transferable and indivisible. They offer digital ownership proof of STARL Metaverse assets, such as satellites, spaceships, and character upgrades.
  • Marketplace: The STARL marketplace allows participants to manage and exchange SATE NFTs, which are priced in $STARL.

STARL Utility

$STARL is the major currency and utility token utilized in the STARL Metaverse. The token allows users to get virtual assets, upgrades, and services in the STARL ecosystem. The $STARL token can be utilized in the building and modifying of ships, the hiring of pilots to help guide or fight through missions, the trading of essential or cosmetic items and upgrades, and more. The Warp Nexus game is set for adaptation and development by Wyrmbite Studios, and STARL metaverse will be the game's launch pad. Warp Nexus is a multiplayer game in which players have to explore space in order to earn.

The $STARL token is an ERC-20 token that has a total supply of 10 trillion in circulation. It can be found on the Ethereum Blockchain. The project developers revealed that the token is maxed out in circulation and added that no new tokens can be minted. The developers also said that private investors are not given later access to unlock new tokens, to not upset its market.

The token will be utilized as a mode of exchange for services such as education, entertainment, and others in the Starlink Metaverse, because the metaverse is a projected virtual reality. The usage of tokens is not limited, since it is the legal tender of the Starlink Metaverse. $STARL cannot be bought with fiat money, because investors would have to purchase cryptocurrency like Ether before converting it to $STARL in an Altcoin exchange.


July 29, 2021
StarLink token surges with a 40 percent increase in price and an 80 percent increase in trading volume.


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