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Skytree is an Amsterdam-based company offering direct air capture technology for carbon capture and storage use.

Skytree is a carbon removal company. Skytree applies its carbon removal technology to increase battery efficiency and improve air quality in electric cars. Skytree is self-sustainable and generates (licensing) revenue through co-development projects on useful & scalable products for leading companies within the industry. Skytree is also advised by the InvestInFuture fund and a stellar group of business angels.


Skytree scales carbon removal technology, driven by a future where essential materials like fuel and cement are produced from carbon extracted from the air. As Skytree listens to commercial markets, the company engineers scalable carbon removal products to make this future happen. Skytree constantly researches and develops further solutions for growing markets.

Ersa for e-vehicles

Skytree created a product that prioritizes health, safety, and security for e-vehicles. This b2b product is called Ersa. Ersa protects passengers from pollutants and gases while enriching air quality for a better journey experience. Ersa decreases humidity in the cabin (defogging windows) and the better air keeps the driver alert and aware. Also, the overall car power efficiency increases while extending the range on car journeys. Without this technology, the car cabin air can be poor. Poor car cabin air is due to factors like unreliable filters, trapped fumes, and also carbon dioxide build-up. Skytree's solution to this is Ersa which integrates into electric vehicles, creating a pocket of fresh, clean air while improving energy efficiency. The company's patented process employs a unique carbon dioxide filter that scrubs CO2 and water in a car cabin.

Skytree spins off from the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2014. The company's patented CO2 removal process is first developed for the air scrubber onboard the International Space Station. This would go on to become the basis of the filtration system that Skytree implements into electric cars called Ersa.

Skytree's Ersa technology
Benefits of Ersa
  • Protects against pollen, fine dust, fumes, bad odor
  • Increased efficiency
  • Captures CO2, SOx, and NOx


Skytree was founded by Alexander Gunkel and Max Beaumont.

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