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Sifchain is an omni-chain decentralized exchange (DEX).

Sifchain is the brainchild of Sif, the Norse goddess of earth, agriculture, fertility, family, and marriage. She brings abundance, pleasure, and wisdom wherever she goes. She has blessed a hearty band of 21st century humans with the task of instantiating Sifchain in our universe.

Sif represents the collaborative nature of the blockchain industry and the lush rewards that can be found in cultivating connections between multiple other chains. The vision of her moving gracefully through her fields, harvesting a bountiful array of crops, the culmination of all of her hard work and forethought, is what we strive to reproduce in our work on Sifchain. We hope you’ll join us in these noble pursuits.

Sifchain is the omni-chain solution for DEXes. More performant, more robust cryptoeconomics for trading and security, more flexible trading capabilities, an extensible omni-chain roadmap and eventual true DAO governance. Sifchain is the future of DeFi.

True Omni-chain DEX

Sifchain will support cross-chain transactions for 20-25 of the top blockchains such as Bitcoin, BinanceChain, Polkadot, and EOS. These blockchains represent the overwhelming majority of all cryptocurrency trading volume.

More Performant

Built with the Cosmos SDK, Sifchain processes substantially more transactions per second than Ethereum, making it 100x more efficient than the current leading DEXes. This equates to faster trades and lower fees.

Continuous Liquidity Pools

The CLP is our primary financial primitive. Liquidity providers can earn income by providing liquidity in these pools. Swappers can send a transaction to a liquidity pool, trading tokens they have for those on the other side of the pool.

Cross-chain communication

Sifchain will target 20–25 blockchains (such as Ethereum and Stellar) for cross-chain integration. Sifchain’s goal is for new blockchains to consider cross-chain integration as essential as a wallet or block explorer. Liquidity from all cryptocurrencies can then be accessed on-chain, allowing the coordinated deployment of capital from all cryptocurrencies by DAOs. Sifchain uses a two-way peg protocol which results in the swap of pegged tokens.

Hybrid orderbook & continuous liquidity pool

Sifchain combines the best elements of liquidity pools and order books for optimal order execution. While decentralized exchanges are currently dominated by liquidity pool algorithms optimized for token swaps, Sifchain will rethink the formulas used for liquidity pool algorithms from first principles of complexity theory to implement adaptive AMMs suitable to limit orders and token swaps alike.

Trading on margin

Sifchain allows traders to use margin on their trades by borrowing from the liquidity pool. Interest is set based on market demand and liquidity supply. This increases returns for liquidity providers in two ways — it provides interest as a second revenue stream in addition to swap fees and increases the size of swaps, and thus the size of swap fees.

Industry leading technology and partnerships

Described in part above, we are rethinking the formulas used for liquidity pool algorithms from first principles of complexity theory to implement adaptive AMMs suitable to limit orders and token swaps alike. The Sifchain team is fortunate to be collaborating with some of the most adept market makers, traders, and complexity theorists in the cryptocurrency industry on this endeavor.


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