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NGC Ventures

NGC Ventures

NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital Ventures) is a Singapore-based investment firm focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency sector investments.


NEO Global Capital Ventures is an investment firm focused on cryptocurrency investments. The firm was founded in 2017 by Piyush Chaplot, Tony Gu, Tony Tao, Wwayne Zhu, and Roger Lim. They have offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and San Francisco. NGC Ventures invests primarily in cryptocurrency-related technologies. They are one of the largest institutional holders of cryptocurrency.

NGC is managed by partners Piyush Chaplot, Tony Gu, Tony Tao, Wwayne Zhu, and Roger Lim in addition to their investment team.The investment team includes Andrea Zhang, Carrie Cai, Jack Lui, Pang Yao Her and Zihao Chen.


NCG have made investments in de-fi, decentralized computing and gaming. They have invested in blockchain projects such as Ontology, Bluzelle, Zilliqa, Trinity, Mainframe, and Top. Meta related investments include Hadron, Terra Vertua, Alice, Boston Protocol, Crust, Ethermon, Loc, and XCarnival. They have also invested in Solana, Bounce, Sitcheo and more.

The Firm has raised three funds, the first for a variety of blockchain investments and the second specifically aimed at investing in the NEO Smart Economy ecosystem. While they are a separate entity, NEO Global Capital is committed to the development of the NEO coin, and invests in projects that would benefit from or be beneficial to to NEO's infrastructure. Their most recent "Strategic Investment Fund," was announced May 20, 2021 and raised $20M.

One of the firm's primary objectives is bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Towards this goal they invest in education projects and blockchain initiatives. They also host events such as their annual meetup that began in 2018 in Boston, MA.


May 10, 2021
NGC Ventures launches US$20M fund for strategic investments.
January 6, 2020
Crypto fund NGC has raised $20M for its targeted $25M fund.
September 15, 2018
NEO Global Capital holds first meetup in Boston, MA.
Neo Global Capital Ventures is founded in 2017 by Piyush Chaplot, Tony Gu, Tony Tao, Wwayne Zhu, and Roger Lim.

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