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Buy or Sell Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies today on AEX Exchange, our easy to use platform allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies easily and quickly

About AEX

Founded in 2013, AEX operated by Bit World Investments Limited has become one of the earliest digital asset exchanges. As an important link of the blockchain, AEX has always played an indispensably important role in token circulation and trading. With the market growing in size and various cryptocurrency derivatives springing up in recent years, AEX has gradually evolved its positioning from the original transaction matchmaker towards a global digital asset management service provider that advocates safe investment and stable asset appreciation.

Our Advantage

Transparent operation

With the transparent flow of funds, AEX remains committed to the principle of “stay neutral and do no evil”. Right now, AEX has listed the proof of reserves for five tokens: ATOM, DASH, VSYS, XTZ, and XZC. On AEX, all data is transparent, covering Token Trade, OTC Trade, Saving, Mortgage, Mining Supermarket, etc. Moreover, AEX assigns designated staff for asset management to make the platform more transparent.


Since its establishment in 2013, AEX has never triggered any severe system security incident. With the technological maturation accumulated in the past eight years, it can keep user assets safe and secure around the clock. Some examples of its existing risk control measures include the separation between online and offline wallets, strict isolation of network production and research, professional anti-penetration tests on a regular basis, access isolation for specific codes, and intelligent analysis of early warnings and abnormal changes in the system.

Keen market insight

With a keen eye for any market developments, the AEX team can move quickly to serve market demands by launching mainstream investment currencies and derivative services, which include the DeFi sector, NFT sector, DOT ecosystem, DAO, DeFi smart mining, and ETH pool mining. Therefore, it excels in predicting where future hotspots may occur, thus providing users with the chance to benefit as early risers.

8-year old brand exchange

Founded in 2013, AEX is one of the world’s leading digital asset management platforms, dedicated to providing millions of users with digital asset management services. The AEX platform sees its core team composed of senior executives who used to work for Tencent and Cheetah Mobile, and has set up independent trading arms and operation centers in many countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.



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