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An app that aggregates social media data to produce a real-time map of sickness.

Sickweather is a company developing an app that aggregates and shares community illness data to produce a real-time map of sickness. Sickweather's responsible and open curation of both clinical and anecdotal sickness data aims to create a singular, trusted global health surveillance system to reduce healthcare costs and decelerate the spread of illness.

The app is powered by Sickweather's patented social listening technology that detects illness trends in real-time at a hyper-local level, in more than 120 countries. Sickweather data is modeled into 15-week forecasts and a threat level index called the SickScore.

Sickweather's crowdsourced data is regularly correlated and validated against available data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), point-of-sale data for related medications, and demographic and census data. Advanced machine learning models are applied to measure the rate of real-time input compared to Sickweather's archived data (carefully curated since 2011) to predict the rate of illnesses up to 15 weeks in advance with 91% accuracy. They make these predictions and data outputs available via a consumer-facing applications for the general public, as well as a Application Programming Interface (API) and Sickweather Pro SaaS dashboard used by developers, data scientists and epidemiologists across several industries.

The company was founded in 2011 by Graham Dodge, James Sajor, and Micahel Belt. They have offices located in Baltimore and Kansa City.


SickWeather participated in the Class 34 - Sprint 2014 cohort of Techstars and has raised an estimated $2,587,661. The $2.6M in funding came Seed round funding and Equity Crowdfunding, which raised $1.1M in February 2018. Sickweather investors include SeedInvest, Stout Street Capital, Missouri Technology Corporation, Firebrand Ventures, 500 Startups, Bonsal Capital, Baltimore Angels, and Marc Bell Ventures.


September 14, 2014
SickWeather raises a $350,000 angel round from Foundry Group and Marc Bell Ventures.

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