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SOSA is an open innovation company that works with organizations to identify and implement digital tech solutions.


SOSA is an open innovation company that works with organizations to identify and implement digital tech solutions. The company was founded in 2015 by twenty-five managing partners of Israel venture capital funds, executives, and entrepreneurs. Uzi Scheffer leads the company as CEO, with Roni Kenet Harmelin acting as CBO and Chief of Staff. SOSA's headquarters are based in Tel Aviv, with a US-based headquarters acting as the official operator of the Global Cyber Center in New York City. SOSA also has a center in London, and the company operates within Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Australia.

SOSA offers technology business solutions and models for promoting business growth and digital transformation. The company uses artificial intelligence to prime business strategy, identify advanced technology solutions, and deliver tactical implementations to customers.

Key Services

SOSA works with corporations, governments, and startups to move them towards technological advancement. Across these entities, SOSA offers insights, planning, and solutions across multiple vertical technologies.

Digital Health

SOSA's Digital Health services include growing telehealth, advanced diagnostics, and digital health insurance services. It promotes the two topics under digital healthcare, namely telemedicine and decision support among clients.


Insurtech involves a growing technology sector for SOSA clients, namely onboarding new clients and merging them into new modern underwriting models that involve artificial intelligence and remote capabilities.

Homeland Security and Defense

SOSA'S Homeland Security and Defense vertical involves developing HLS technologies that promote security for the public as well as corporations. They have worked with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), with a focus on border security and intelligence modeling technologies.


Fintech services offered by SOSA include risk assessment, digital banking, customer journey, payment, and trading solutions. The company prioritizes "Know Your Customer" technologies and secure transaction services which protect customer and company data.


SOSA prompts businesses to improve their cybersecurity, citing that global cybersecurity spending is projected to reach beyond $270 billion USD by 2026. The company highlights new technologies based on protecting artificial intelligence platforms, internet-of-things, and non-terrestrial connectivity machine learning software.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 advancement includes a number of growing aspects affecting corporations and society in general. SOSA segments business intelligence and implements the adoption of the internet-of-things, supply chain efficiency, robots and automation, industrial cybersecurity, and energy sustainability.


February 2, 2021
SOSA releases report warning against lack of transparency in AI
December 1, 2020
Global open innovation company SOSA joins forces with Schneider Electric to establish an Industry 4.0 incubation program for outstanding startups
SOSA was founded.


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