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Roche is a biotechnology company with a focus on developing pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. It was founded in 1896 and is located in Basel, Switzerland.

Roche is a Switzerland-based biotechnology company that develops therapeutics and diagnostics for oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, and diseases of the central nervous system. The company has more than 900,000 employees throughout 100 countries. It states that it is the world's largest biopharmaceutical company and the lead supplier of in vitro diagnostics.


The company has research and development in progress for pharmaceuticals and diagnostics for haemophilia, women's health, inflammatory bowel disease, and neuroscience. The facilities for this research are located in the United States, Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, and China.Roche conducts clinical trials, and once they are successfully completed, the pharmaceuticals are produced in an experimental lab to ensure scalability. The company has manufacturing facilities for its therapeutics, including facilities for its biologics.

Roche offers more than forty pharmaceuticals, including Hemlibra, Micera, and Tamiflu.


February 16, 2022
Roche enters an agreement with Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals in development of a treatment to target pathological TDP-43 for improved neuronal cell survival in ALS.
January 28, 2022
Genentech, a member of Roche Group, receives FDA approval for Vabysmo, an injectable antibody therapy which targets two disease pathways that drive wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic macular edama (DME).
October 21, 2021
FDA approves Genentech’s Susvimo, a refillable ocular implant treatment for wet, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) that delivers the antibody treatment ranibizumab.
August 20, 2021
UK approves Ronapreve, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Roche treatment for COVID-19 that contains two antibodies casirivimab and imdevimab designed to prevent the coronavirus from attaching to the ACE2 receptor on the surface of the respiratory tract.
August 4, 2021
Roche raises a $5,000,000,000 corporate funding round from SoftBank.
June 25, 2021
Roche’s antibody drug, Actemra (tocilizumab), which lowers inflammation by inhibition of interleuikin-6 receptor, receives FDA EUA to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients.
December 11, 2020
Roche launches high-throughput COVID-19 antigen test in Europe.
November 21, 2020
The FDA issues an Emergency Authorization (EUA) for emergency use of REGEN-COV, an antibody treatment (casirivimab and imdevimab) by Regeneron and Roche, for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults and pediatric patients who are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 and/or hospitalization.
November 16, 2020
Lead Pharma enters into a collaboration and license agreement with Roche to develop oral small molecules to treat a broad range of immune-mediated diseases.
May 6, 2020
Roche raises a $500,000 corporate funding round from Scale AI.

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June 4, 2020

Roche to launch laboratory SARS-CoV-2 antigen test to support high-volume testing of suspected COVID-19 patients

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October 13, 2020

Roche to present new data across 16 blood disorders at the American Society of Hematology 2020 Annual Meeting

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Nick Paul
October 13, 2021
Aum Biosciences is moving on to oncology turf targeted by companies including Bayer and Roche, securing $27 million to take inhibitors of MNK and TRK into midphase clinical trials.
Annalee Armstrong
October 12, 2021
Roche's Spark Therapeutics unit is offering up to $328.5 million in biobucks for CombiGene's gene therapy for epilepsy, which has a specific focus on drug-resistant forms of the condition.
Nick Paul
October 4, 2021
The race to use bispecifics to treat blood cancers is heating up, with Johnson & Johnson paying $100 million upfront to challenge Regeneron and Roche in a field that looks set to be highly competitive.
Kyle LaHucik
September 27, 2021
Roche's Genentech will start communicating personalized information to patients, clinical trial participants and providers via a digital chatbot. The goal is to be able to provide information on a smartphone to more people.
Andrea Park
September 14, 2021
After spending more than a century honing its pharmacological approach to managing disease, Roche is branching out. The Big Pharma has partnered with digital health software developer Temedica to help multiple sclerosis patients manage their condition using a smartphone app.


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