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Noots is a company that creates and sells nootropic products, mainly marketed at the millennial and Generation Z generations.

Noots is a consumer health company that creates tailor-made nootropic products marketed towards millennials and Generation Z for the purpose of improving various cognitive functions and quality of life. Noots was co-founded by Phat Le, Michael Lisovetsky, and Troy Osinoff in 2020.


Nootropics are substances that are said to improve or boost different cognitive functions, such as memory, mood, energy, and motivation. Nootropics can be natural substances or pharmaceutical drugs. Noots states their products were "born with an emphasis that pharmaceuticals were not the only way for you to become limitless."


Noots' products are tailor-made for each person, based on the answers provided in their questionnaire, which asks about things like physical activity levels, energy, motivation, and what issue the user is looking to improve on. The customer is then recommended specific products in product packs such as "Get Calm," Get Rest," and "Get Focused." They do not sell general products to purchase; one must complete the personal customization survey to receive the product. The products can then be bought as a one-time purchase or through a subscription.

Noots states that their products are created based on Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda practices, and the ingredients they use are "100% natural or have been around with human studies for many years."


September 2020
Noots was founded by Michael Lisovetsky, Phat Le and Troy Osinoff.


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