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Thesis is a company that creates tailor-made nootropic products for individuals on the basis of improving various cognitive functions.

Thesis is a nootropics company that creates tailor-made products for individuals based on their lifestyles and what cognitive or cerebral function they're looking to improve. The user fills out a questionnaire on some of their health and lifestyle details, like weight, gender, age, level of alcohol consumption, and frequency of exercise. Then the results are emailed to the user, who can decide to purchase their first curated box. Thesis was founded by Dan Freed and Adam Greenfeld.


Nootropics are pharmaceutical drugs or other substances that claim to enhance cognitive and cerebral functions, such as memory, energy levels, and motivation. Types of nootropics include caffeine, Adderall, creatine, and ginkgo biloba.

Thesis states that "every ingredient in our blends undergoes a rigorous, multi-step evaluation to ensure they meet our ethical, medical, and legal standards. We select only well-established ingredients shown to be effective and safe based on clinical trials, and all of our formulas are third-party tested for purity." The exact ingredients they use are not listed, but categorized in "nootropics and functional mushrooms," "choline sources," and "vitamins and adaptogens".


April 3, 2020
Thesis raises a $7,700,000 seed round from Paradigm.

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