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Advanced Search is an AI-powered log analysis platform that offers the open-source ELK Stack as an enterprise-grade service.

Overview is an Israel-based company that provides log management and analysis services through a cloud service and machine learning platform. The company was founded in 2014 by Tomer Levy and Asaf Yigal, two former employees at Check Point, and has headquarters in Tel Aviv and Boston. provides an intelligent and scalable machine data analytics platform built on ELK and Grafana. The platform is designed for monitoring modern applications, combining cloud-native scalability with crowdsourced artificial intelligence to help engineers identify critical issues before they occur and to empower them to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure mission-critical applications using one unified platform.

Platform services platform includes log management, infrastructure monitoring, cloud SIEM, and distributed tracing.

Log management's log management service is powered by Kibana and handles scaling, sharding, and index management for maintaining data pipelines. The correlated logs funnel metrics from associated logs, trace to assist troubleshooting, and allow customers to move older logs to cost effective storage tiers using Smart Tiering.

The system uses Lucene and KQL log searching syntax, which utilize Kibana in a premade dashboard to enable quick searching and cluster pattern detection. The system also has real-time alert capabilities with Slack, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, and email integrations and uses machine learning to cross reference logs with StackOverflow and GitHub forum logs.

Infrastructure monitoring

The platform uses open source, cloud-native Prometheus integrations to monitor metric storage and analytics. The metrics are centralized on the platform, allowing use of AWS, Google Cloud, Cisco Meraki, and other integrations to customize and monitor data visualizations using PromQL. Grafana dashboards can also be bulk imported.

Cloud SIEM's Cloud SIEM capabilities allow threat detection and investigation on an open-source ELK stack, enabling threat feeds with over 300 security rules and Kibana analytics monitoring tools.

Distributed tracing uses a distributed tracing method based on open-source code Jaeger to provide a fully managed, integrated log and metric analysis for CNCF. The technology allows users to trace through flows with Cloud Native Computing Foundation capabilities enabled in Jaeger and Kibana integration. The software offers one-click logging to view relevant tracing and root-cause analysis of latency and performance issues.

The trace and call sequence allows users to find any service endpoint, auto-discover on the service map, and visualize dependency graphs.


May 2019 raises a $52,000,000 series D round from 83North, General Catalyst, Giza Venture Capital, Next47, OpenView Venture Partners and Vintage Investment Partners.
November 2017 raises a $23,000,000 series C round from 83North, Giza Venture Capital, OpenView Venture Partners and Vintage Investment Partners.
November 2016 raises a $16,000,000 series B round from 83North, Giza Venture Capital and OpenView Venture Partners.
October 2015 raises a $6,700,000 series A round from 83North and Giza Venture Capital.
February 2015 raises a $1,200,000 venture round from Giza Venture Capital.
2014 was founded by Asaf Yigal and Tomer Levy.

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