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Kryon (company)

Kryon (company)

Kryon offers a robotic process automation-as-a-service (RPAaaS) and analytics solution for businesses of any size.


Kryon’s robotic process automation-as-a-service (RPAaaS) solution is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and combines process discovery, robotic process automation (RPA), and analytics in a single platform. The platform is designed to help businesses of any size implement automation programs. Kryon’s robotic process automation business tools and platform based on the company's proprietary visual recognition technology have optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities that enable the recording and execution of processes on any application (including Citrix, web-based, legacy, and desktop) without needing connectors or application programming interfaces (APIs).

Platform features
Process Discovery and Kryon Studio

The Kryon Process Discovery tool gives users visibility into their organization’s business processes. Initially, data relating to all processes within the organization is gathered by Kryon's Discovery Robots. This identifies the processes that can be automated to save on operational expenses, generating automation scenarios in the Kryon Studio tool integrated into the platform. Business users can use Kryon Studio to develop and maintain automation process workflows. Its visual interface is designed to be accessible, allowing users to record tasks and drag and drop process activities without the aid of in-house developers or external resources.

Kryon Console, Kryon Robots, and Kryon Admin

Kryon Console is a web-based program that enables real-time monitoring, remote configuration, scheduling and management of robotic workforces. Users can deploy and manage Kryon robots through a dashboard that does not require specialized knowledge to be operated. Kryon Robots are responsible for automation decisions and completing processes for the user. There are three types of Kryon Robots: Discovery, Unattended, and Attended Robots. They support the organization's business processes, carrying out performance optimization tasks, gathering data on user performance for Process Discovery, and more. Kryon Admin lets users manage roles and permissions for security purposes and scaling of RPA operations, set up separate working environments and teams, and assign resources such as RPA developers, managers, and robots to each team, facilitating collaboration.

Kryon Channel Partner Program

The Kryon Channel Partner Program is the company's framework for business partnerships with value-added resellers, advisories and alliance partners, systems integrators, and co-selling partners. The following features are offered in the program:

  • Sales and training development courses to achieve competency and certification in solution
  • Discount allowances related to annual product revenue achievements
  • Sales collaboration and support in the development and execution of plans that help drive pipeline development
Value-added resellers

Kryon's value-added reseller partners are responsible for marketing and supporting the company's solutions. Partners in this category have access to a variety of partner benefits, including discounts and marketing support based on annual commitment levels and certification achievements.

Advisories and alliance partners

The advisories and alliance partners category includes partners that support Kryon solutions within their respective markets and can get Kryon's support in sales and support endeavors. These partners also gain access to the Kryon Partner Portal and participation in a range of sales and technology certification programs.

Systems integrators

Systems integrators can take part in Kryon reselling programs or offer consulting and integration services. In both cases, partners in this category have the support of Kryon’s sales and support teams as well as the access to all partner training and certification.


August 11, 2021
Kryon announces a new native integration with Citrix environments to support greater scalability of automation in workplaces.
March 24, 2021
Kryon announces that it is the first RPA vendor to earn an international data privacy management certification (ISO 27701).
January 28, 2021
Kryon's V-Bot automates large-scale scheduling of COVID-19 vaccinations.
February 26, 2019
Kryon raises a $40,000,000 series C round.
February 2019
Kryon raises a $40,000,000 series C round from Aquiline Technology Growth, Oak HC/FT and Vertex Ventures.
October 2017
Kryon raises a $12,000,000 series B round from Aquiline Technology Growth and Vertex Ventures.
May 2013
Kryon raises a $1,000,000 angel round.

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