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Hemi Ventures

Hemi Ventures

Hemi Ventures invests in companies focused on the development of artificial intelligence applications, autonomous vehicles, robotics, biotechnology, and other emerging technologies.

Hemi Ventures is a venture capital firm that seeks to early-stage startups operating in the autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence applications, robotics, biotechnology and other emerging technology sectors. The firm was founded in 2016 and is based in Palo Alto, California.

Hemi Ventures partners with entrepreneurs whose ideas and projects Hemi Ventures believes could unlock new frontiers for human potential. 'Hemi' (hÄ"mi-) means 'half' in Greek. They work to serve as a complementary half to their founders. In addition to capital, Hemi Ventures helps founders establish pivotal relationships with industry partners and customers to build strong ecosystems that help their portfolio companies grow.


Hemi Ventures' investments include, Ample, Tanvas, BioAesthetics, Starsky Robotics, Cypre and Epinomics.

Their exited investments include Scotty Labs and Epinomics.


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