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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a video game founded in 2018 by Manoj Duggirala.

Heavy Rain (from English - “Livery”) - an adventure computer game (“Interactive drama”), developed by the French studio Quantic Dream and released by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 in 2010; In subsequent years, it was also reprinted for the PlayStation 4 and Windows to the section "#release". The plot is based on a detective-dramatic story about the four heroes investigating the work of the Origami-a serial killer who abducts his victims in long rainy weather and leaves the Origamis figure to the “#plot” figure at the crime scene.

Heavy Rain is distinguished by an unusual control scheme that combines buttons in accordance with contextual hints displayed on the screen, reading the position of the controller in space and Quick Time Event. The game is non -linear: both decisions and actions made by the player in the course of the game can lead to various options for the development of the plot and endings - up to the death of one or more game characters to the section "#Game Process".

The main manager of the project was David Cage, who wrote the script for 2000 pages. To create Heavy Rain, he visited Philadelphia to study the atmosphere. The main goal of Cage was to correct the shortcomings of his previous game, Fahrenheit. The composer of Heavy Rain was Norman Corbey, who recorded the soundtrack in the studio "Abby Road" to go to the section "#Development".

Heavy Rain received a positive response from critics and players - she was praised for an emotional and non -linear narrative, visual effects and music; However, as disadvantages, observers noted mediocre English voice acting, uncomfortable management and plot inconsistencies


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Heavy Rain



July 22, 2020
The Nikon group would like to express its profound sympathy and condolences to the victims of the Heavy Rain Event of July 2020 in Japan. In response to this tragedy and to extend a support to its victims, the Nikon group has decided to provide the following assistance: Cash donation: 3 million yen Donee: Japanese Red Cross Society. The Nikon group sincerely hopes for the earliest possible recovery of the people and areas. ----- The information is current as of the date of publicatio...
June 2, 2020
These are three videos from Youtuber Curious Reviewers providing humorous in-depth analysis and review of video game bathrooms. His commentary is pretty insightful, like this transcript for the gif above: I felt authentic showers of Heavy Rain, I've been...
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