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Hawkers (company)

Hawkers (company)

Hawkers is an Elche, Spain-based sunglass brand.

Hawkers is an Eiche, Spain-based sunglasses brand that sells its products worldwide, with ninety percent of its business from online sales. Hawkers sells its products through online channels and primarily markets the company through social media. Hawkers is a part of the Saldum Ventures group.


Hawkers was formed in 2013 by its four founders, Ignacio Soriano Cano, Pablo Sánchez, and brothers Alejandro and David Moreno. Each member of the group had skills in the areas of graphic design, programming, and business, and found inspiration for Hawkers after buying sunglasses from California and flipping them for profit. The group became the official distributor of a California-based sunglass company called Knockaround, quickly realized the company's large profit margin, and set out to build their own sunglass business.

Early Marketing Strategy

Hawkers’ early marketing strategy was focused on targeting users on Facebook and Instagram, by sending specific social media influencers free product and having them post pictures of themselves wearing Hawkers sunglasses and promoting the brand.

When Alejandro Betancourt was brought to the team, he established an influencer marketing program by choosing influencers who were already customers of Hawkers to promote their product.

In 2016, Hawkers profited over $70 million worth of product, and most of that money came from influencer and social media marketing. Hawkers has also worked with a variety of well-known influencers and celebrities.

Hawkers Today

Hawkers has opened dozens of brick-and-mortar stores across the globe and customers in over 50 different counties around the world. The company now has offices in Elche, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Mexico City. The company is putting a strong emphasis on environmentally-friendly production processes, including the H2O line, which utilizes recycled plastic materials sourced from bottles found in the ocean. This product fits in with its target demographic (average age 27), which knows the threat of climate change and supports companies that share that same care and compassion.


February 14, 2021
Hawkers releases "H20" line of environmentally friendly sunglasses, made from plastic bottles collected from ocean litter
November 20, 2020
Alejandro Betancourt launches Hawkers contact lens subscription
January 25, 2018
Hawkers raises a $24,753,000 corporate funding round from Alejandro Betancourt López.
October 2, 2016
Hawkers raises a $56,192,500 series A round from Alejandro Betancourt López.
Hawkers was founded by Alex Moreno, David Moreno, Ignacio Soriano Cano and Pablo Sánchez Lozano.

Funding rounds


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