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Alejandro Betancourt López

Alejandro Betancourt López

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a businessman in the fields of energy and EPC. Current President and Chairman of Hawkers Co. and the Founder of Auro Travel

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a businessman in the fields of energy and EPC, earned two undergraduate degrees (economics and business administration) from Massachusetts’s Suffolk University.

Betancourt’s professional career began as a manager at several companies, including the commodities trader Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy (a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries). He was also the Latin American commercial manager for ICC-OEOC, a U.K. company that provides technological solutions to the offshore oil industry. Betancourt later decided to explore opportunities by founding O’Hara Administration, an international asset management company with a stake in a wide range of investment vehicles, including two other companies that Betancourt is active in, Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation (formerly Pacific Rubiales Energy) and Hawkers.

Although Betancourt Lopez did not start the company, he was brought in with a group of investors in 2016 to help stabilize Hawkers financially and provide an influx of external funding to grow the brand and increase its reach. At the time, word was already getting out about its reputation for quality sunglasses at affordable prices. The company was praised in 2015 for starting two years earlier with a small $300 investment and leveraging it into $60 million. However, even though this number was certainly impressive, expenses continued to climb, and the company was in danger of shutting down.

Lopez and a group of investors formed a group called Saldum Ventures and injected $56 million (50 million euros) into Hawkers.


June 2017
EPG Easy Payment Gateway, Spain

Largest Shareholder

Auro Travel

Founder, Largest Shareholder

June 2016

Chairman of the Board, President, Largest and Controlling Shareholder

Pacific Exploration and Production (Canada)

Director and Largest Shareholder

June 2013
BDK Banque de Dakar

Largest Shareholder Founder and Holding Director

June 2012
O ́hara Financial


Job and Talent (UK & Spain)

Early Backer and Largest Shareholder

January 2005
BGB Energy



Director of Trading

February 22, 1980
Alejandro Betancourt López was born in Caracas.

Invested in


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