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First Orion is a Little Rock, Arkansas-based software company offering identity verification for telecommunication companies and protection from scam calls.

First Orion is a developer of a call identification, and call management software designed to bring transparency in communication. The company's application offers call control, blocking, transparency, and management solutions. It also identifies callers and the purpose of the call and permits people to file call complaints to the Federal Trade Commission and block unwanted calls. First Orion's products allow users to identify who is calling them and provide businesses the ability to identify their numbers when calling customers. This is to help enterprises, hospitals, government entities, non-profits, last-mile logistics, and banks to deliver their communications as needed.

Diagram of First Orion's Transparency Hub platform.

First Orion offers different branded phone call solutions intended to help businesses identify themselves to existing and current customers over the phone. The company suggests the benefits of branded phone calls include increased call answer rates, increased revenue, increased agent productivity, reduced call center costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

This is done in part through First Orion's Transparency Hub, which offers a solution for STIR/SHAKEN authentication, scam call protection, number proof detection, call printing, and call validation analytics.

Example of a call screen using First Orion's INFORM.

INFORM is one of First Orion's branded phone call solutions. The service allows for companies calling customers to see their business name on a mobile phone screen rather than the number alone in order to increase call answer rates and lead to higher conversions. INFORM allows for businesses to display a custom thirty-two character message, including a business name, department, or short message.

First Orion suggests the INFORM solution requires no specific IT integration following an account activation, is designed to be easy-to-use, and offers authorization controls to help ensure only designated employees can add or update company names or departments by phone number. The INFORM solution is also intended to help customers, in the case of a missed phone call, know who the phone call was from.

Example of a call screen using First Orion's ENGAGE.

The ENGAGE solution is similar to the INFORM solution, except instead of just a company name for caller ID display, it offers a chance for businesses to develop a content-rich display with the caller ID. This can allow businesses to use a branded display to help customers recognize a business at a glance and can also help businesses start a conversation before the phone is answered, with a customizable personal greeting.

ENGAGE is designed to be a safe and secure solution adhering to privacy and data protection standards. This is done through the use of a phone number during initial call verification to match numbers, and once the verification is complete the ENGAGE number is hashed and the actual phone number is deleted. ENGAGE also works to protect companies from calls spoofing a business, not allowing scam callers to intercept or duplicate graphics in real time to further protect consumers from imposters.

Call Protection

First Orion offers Scam Call Reports, which work to understand the amount of scam and spam calls consumers receive each day and how that affects their answering legitimate calls, and offers strategies to help companies build trust with their consumers. Part of this is Call Protection services, which give service providers the analysis and tools necessary to stop scammers. This is done using data-driven solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence to work to provide real-time scam protection.

This is done through using real-time data, which works to classify hundreds of millions of calls per day to develop fraud prevention, as well as through models to capture, analyze, and prevent scam tactics as they evolve. The solution also includes STIR/SHAKEN authentication and verification, which works to eliminate number spoofing and to ensure a company's calls are complaint. The solutions are direct, in-network integrations, with further integrations into applications via SDK and real-time APIs. The call protection also works with First Orion's branded calling solutions to help increase consumer trust.


April 1, 2020
First Orion announces U.S. Essential Service Providers are eligible to receive "Inform" Call Enhancement solution at no cost during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
January 10, 2020
First Orion raises a $2,300,000 venture round from Advantage Capital.
June 19, 2017
First Orion raises a $300,000 venture round.
August 6, 2012
First Orion raises a $192,600 seed round.

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