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Company that develops a smart fitness system designed for boxing at-home that uses motion sensors to record data about punches and provide feedback through an app.

FightCamp (previously known as Hykso) is a company that participated in the YC W16 cohort of Y Combinator and raised an estimated $120,000.

The two products FightCamp offers are:

  • A full at-home boxing gym including a punching bag, floor mat, and boxing gloves fit with motion sensors in the wrists.
  • A monthly subscription granting access to a library of both live and on-demand workout classes designed and updated by a staff of trained boxers.

The FightCamp app displays goals during every round and encourages users to keep up while tracking their progress using motion sensors included in the gloves. These sensors are able to recognize the type of punches being thrown and their speed, allowing users to get feedback on their activity levels such as average punches per minute and punch output (i.e. physical exertion).

With machine learning algorithms and other technology first developed for the Canadian Olympic Team, FightCamp's motion sensors can recognize other movements besides just punches, including jump squats, burpees, push-ups, Russian twists, etc. According to the company's Angel listing, notable athletes who are using the program include MMA fighters Daniel Cormier, Cris Cyborg, Frankie Edgar, and many more.


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