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First decentralized exchange platform on the market with a three-type referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees on BSC

Biswap is the first decentralized exchange platform on BSC, which has a three-type referral system. It is a BEP-20 token exchange in the Binance Smart Chain network. The network is characterized by high speed and low cost of network transactions. This is probably the lowest transaction fee of 0.1%. User reviews of Biswap confirm that exchanging and earning tokens on the platform is fast and profitable. The developers of the platform strive to provide high-quality products and services. The audit from Certik did not find a single critical error.

At the start of the project, the profit of those who entered the project was 2500% per annum, but over time, the annual profitability indicator continuously falls. Now the profit remains very tempting at about 185%. But how long and to what indicators the profitability will fall is known only to the developers of this platform.

Biswap Exchange

Biswap Exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows a user to exchange two tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The liquidity provided to the exchange comes from liquidity providers (LP) who place their tokens in liquidity pools. In return, the user receives LP tokens that can be used in farming. When an exchange is made, a 0.1% commission is charged, of which 0.05% belongs to the liquidity providers, and the second 0.05% is used to burn BSW tokens. Biswap may increase the exchange fee in the future.

Biswap Farms

Biswap exchange stimulates many liquidity pairs and offers suppliers to place their LP tokens on farms. Going to the "Farms" section, the user sees coins for staking. The second column shows us the annual percentages. In the lower part of the window we see the exchange rate of the BSW coin. Those who wish can try to make money on staking, especially since the percentages are very tempting.

Biswap Launchpools

The Launchpools section is a kind of alternative to mining on this site. By investing BSW tokens, you are mining this cryptocurrency. The yield at the moment is about 600% and this is the most popular section on this site. It is in this tab that everyone is trying to get rich.

In order to invest your BSW, you need to initially exchange them on the "Exchange" tab.

I used a MetaMask wallet for the exchange. I have already described in detail how to work with it in the review of this wallet. The exchange was carried out for the BNB tokens I have.

After you have exchanged BSW tokens, we return to the "Launchpools" section and replenish the farm with the required number of tokens. That's it! Mining has started and you only have to collect the extracted tokens from time to time.

If everything is not clear, then you can watch the instructions in the video video on youtube. Here is an example of one of these videos.


It is worth admitting that the more I study the project, the more it seems to me that the project has a future. The big advantages are that BiSwap has been audited by Certik. Also, a huge plus is the partnership with the BetFury gaming platform. The listing of the BFG token on the BiSwap platform was also announced, which will increase the overall liquidity of the pool and possibly continue to push the BSW token higher. At the same time, the list of tokens available on the site is continuously growing. The burning of tokens is constantly carried out, which made it possible to keep the price of the token at first, and now it has really raised it up.

After a month of test investments, I bite my elbows that I invested only $ 100 in this project. I have increased my investments by 50% in a month, which I think is a fantastic figure. At the same time, the project continues to develop and it is already noted in its ratings by the largest crypto exchange Binance. I have additionally invested some more money in this project, because I see a bright future and excellent prospects. Well, whether you should invest, everyone decides for himself. If in doubt, I advise you to further analyze this project by reading reviews about it on various sites.


Biswap was founded by EK.


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December 30, 2021

Biswap - Freedom of exchange



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