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Atoms makes shoes for everyday wear. Made with elastic laces, copper lining, breathable materials, and simple design.

Atoms, founded by Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali, is a shoe producer focused on providing customized, comfortable footwear by leveraging new sizing options, claims of increased comfort via a redesigned sole, and an elastic shoelace. Its shoes are described as "minimalist" and the company only makes one shoe design a year in an effort to make the best shoe possible.

Model 000

The company's first shoe is known as the Model 000 and sells for $129. The Model 000 also comes in a waterproof version called Ocean Blue that is sold for $169.

Customized sizing

According to Atoms, "if you are between a size 9 and 9.5 usually, your perfect fit might actually be a 9.25." Therefore, it offers shoe sizes in quarter increments instead of limiting its shoe sizes to the industry standard of half increments. Atoms also allows customers to order different sizes for each foot, noting that 60 percent of people have differently sized feet.

To find the right size and style for a customer's feet, Atoms relies on a "Find your fit" quiz going over the following preferences:

  • Colors
  • Sizing by gender (man or woman)
  • Type of feet (normal, narrow, wide, extra wide, extra-extra wide)
  • Consistency of shoe size worn across brands
  • Size of individual feet
  • Primary use of shoes (walking, standing, office, commuting, dancing, running)
  • Use of insoles
  • Sock wearing

Results are accessed by providing Atoms with an email address, a required step for customers to find out their shoe size via the quiz.


Its claims of increased comfort are based on its midsole, made of proprietary foam and a "non-slippery rubber outsole" that is lightweight and adapts to a wearer's feet.

Atoms' MODEL 000 insole is also lined with copper yarn, taking advantage of copper's antimicrobial properties—a feature of the metal known throughout the centuries—to prevent odors.


Atoms' shoelaces are made with elastic. The company claims that its design will help wearer's easily slip its shoes on and off. An elastic shoelace also reduces the need to retie when compared to traditional laces.

Atoms Everyday Mask

In response to COVID-19, Atoms released its Everyday Mask. Much likes its shoes, the everyday mask takes advantage of copper's antimicrobial properties. The outer layer of the mask is polyester and the inner layer is copper-lined. The masks come in small, medium or large. Its masks are also hand washable up to 50 times.

Atoms sells each mask nearly at cost. For each mask that is purchased, one mask is donated. They are not refundable or exchangeable once purchased.

Sales & distribution

Much like its peers—Allbirds, ROTHY's, and others—Atoms primarily relies on a direct-to consumer-sales model supported by influencer marketing; however, since its $8.1 million Series A raise, Atoms has explored sales in traditional retail outlets. As of August 30, 2019, 85 percent of Atoms' customers have returned and purchased an additional pair of shoes.

Environmental impact

Atoms' shoes "do not use any materials or chemicals that are harmful to the environment or people." During the manufacturing process, Atoms uses no water to dye its yarns and uses 100% vegan materials. As a result, its shoes are 99% recyclable. In the future, Atoms also intends to launch a trade-in program.

Atoms maintains production facilities in South Korea.


August 2019
Atoms raises a $8,100,000 series A round from Chamillionaire, Chris Anderson, Initialized Capital, Jacqueline Novograts, Jacqueline Novogratz, Jeff Weiner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Michael Dubin.

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