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1517 Fund

1517 Fund

A venture capital and private equity firm started by Michael Gibson and Danielle Strachman in 2015. 1517 Fund focuses on investing in and giving grants to dropouts and young founders.

1417 Fund is a venture capital and private equity firm making early stage investments (grant, pre-seed, and seed) in technology companies that is headquartered in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2015 by Danielle Strachman and Michael Gibson. Gibson and Strachman previously worked at the Thiel Foundation and helped cofound the Thiel Fellowship.

1517 supports teams with grant, pre-seed, and seed funding for technology startups. Their focus is on makers, hackers, and scientists interested in working outside tracked institutions because they believe that the path geared towards higher education is not for all. They motivate people to work on what they’re passionate about, to learn by doing, and to create new technologies.

Notable investments made by 1517 include: Luminar, Fountain, Foxtrot Systems, Fleet, Dreamscope, Deepgram, Forge, Major League hacking, Pillar Technologies, Exvivo, Union Crate, Cents, Hamama, Spira, and Epharmix.


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