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Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking is an official student hackathon league founded in 2013 by Mike Swift and Jonathan Gottfried.

Major League Hacking, or MLH, is an official student hackathon league. It was founded by both Mike Swift and Jonathan Gottfried in August 2013 and is based in New York. Major League Hacking is a Certified B Corporation as of 2016. Major League Hacking hosts over 200 weekends of hackathons for students every year. It has hosted events in states and cities all over the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and several European countriesMajor League Hacking is supported by a number of corporate sponsorships from companies such as GitHub, Capital One, Slack, Google Cloud, Soylent, and more.


A hackathon is a large-scale event where people gather to create new software or hardware together. MLH hackathons are intended for students of all skill levels, including beginners. At MLH weekend hackathons, students come up with new technology ideas like apps and develop them from start to finish over the weekend, alone or with a team. Attendees can form teams at the event.


March 28, 2016
Major League Hacking raises a $1,000,000 seed round.
August 2013
Major League Hacking is founded.

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