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Science X staff
August 30, 2021
The skyscrapers and urban development that have made Hong Kong the "Pearl" have also generated pollutants that affect the marine species that live in Hong Kong's coastal waters. On-going climate change and dams along the Pearl River have also altered these coastal ecosystems. However, it is largely unknown in what ways they are altered, because we lack information about baseline conditions back then. "What were marine environments and organisms like in Hong Kong, say, 50-100 years ago, when human activity was much more limited? How were they different from what we see today?" Dr. Yuanyuan Hong, a postdoctoral fellow from the School of Biological Sciences, the Research Division for Ecology & Biodiversity, and The Swire Institute of Marine Science at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) raised the question.
Brian Moore
August 23, 2021
Queensland school students have reportedly been bullied after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and have struggled to return to school as a result. The Queensland Department of Education stated it hasn't heard of any bullying related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Given the nature of bullying, this isn't necessarily surprising.
Poppie Platt
August 16, 2021
The Telegraph
Schools leaders hit back at Gavin Williamson's 'fixation' with removing gadgets from classroom, saying it will trigger anxiety in children
Science X staff
August 12, 2021
Parents, students and decision-makers are dealing with more challenges as we move closer to another pandemic school year. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development characterized COVID-19 school closures as the "greatest disruption in educational opportunity worldwide in a generation," affecting 90 percent of the world's student population. Sociology professor Janice Aurini, an expert in schooling and education inequality, explains the challenges and recommends strategies to mitigate the educational impacts of the pandemic.
Science X staff
July 26, 2021
A Monash University study into the experiences of school leaders in 2020 found those who engaged in community, communication and compassion-based responses, successfully led their school community through crises and times of uncertainty.
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