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Yield10 Bioscience

Yield10 Bioscience, agricultural science company, specialized in innovative crop science designed to improve crop yield and enhance global food security.

Yield10 Bioscience is a publicly traded, agriculture bioscience company headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts. It focuses on the development of technologies to produce step-change improvements in crop yield for food and feed crops. It aims to do this by improving fundamental elements of plant metabolism through enhanced photosynthetic efficiency and directed carbon utilization.

Originally known as Metabolix, the company was founded in 1992 and was focused on engineering microbes to make proprietary bioplastics and bio-based chemicals. The company's crop science research program was launched in 2002 with the intent to harness the renewable nature of plants to produce renewable bioplastics, chemicals, and bioenergy from agricultural crops. The company was renamed Yield10 Biosciences in 2015 to focus on its current are of expertise.

Yield10's proprietary technologies such as its 'Smart Carbon Grid for Crops' and 'T3' platforms are used to book the carbon dioxide fixation efficiency through photosynthesis as well as its direction to and conversion into plant matter. The company is advancing this and several other yield traits it has developed in key commercial crops such as canola, soybean, rice, wheat, and corn.

Initial Public Offering

On December 17, 2018 Yield10 Biosciences completed their initial public offering (IPO) with gross proceeds of $14.5 million. Previous and new institutional participated in Yield10 Biosciences IPO.


On August 19, 2019 Yield Biosciences announced they have expanded their research license to allow Bayer to have access to the research and development of the C3003 and C3004 yield trait genes designed to increase seed yield of commercial crops owned by Yield10 Biosciences. The CEO of Yield10 Biosciences, Oliver Peoples, made the following statements regarding the companies activity with Bayer:

We are very pleased with the progress made by the Bayer team in the evaluation of C3003 in their soybean program and appreciate the expansion of our relationship to bring Yield10’s C3004 technology into their testing program in 2019. Our team looks forward to supporting Bayer with further insights from our ongoing evaluation of C3003 and C3004 in key crops, and we remain committed to contributing to their success with the technology.


August 28, 2020
Yield10 Bioscience raises a $4,000,000 venture round from Jack Schuler.
November 19, 2019
Yield10 Bioscience raises a $11,500,000 venture round.
August 4, 2014
Yield10 Bioscience raises a $25,000,000 venture round from Jack Schuler.
January 1, 2000
Yield10 Bioscience raises a $129,200,000 venture round.

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Yield10 Bioscience Venture round, August 2014
August 4, 2014
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Charles B. Haaser

Chief Accounting Officer

Dr. Oliver P. Peoples

President & CEO

Kristi Snell

VP, Research & Chief Scientific Officer

Lynne H. Brum

VP, Planning and Corporate Communications

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