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Voyager Token

Voyager Token

Voyager Token is a cryptocurrency broker

Voyager Token is a cryptocurrency broker that is built to serve both retail and institutional investors in trading crypto assets.

Voyager Token is a cryptocurrency broker that provides investors with a trusted and secure access point to crypto asset trading. Voyager is built to serve both retail and institutional investors with a nigh-instant solution for trading crypto assets.

The crypto brokerage service which launched in October 2018 now supports over 55 crypto assets. The mobile app of the Voyager Token launched in January 2019.

The native token of the brokerage, Voyager Token (VGX), is used to reward users within the Voyager ecosystem. VGX also generates interest when held in the Voyager app, offers cashback rewards, and other services exclusive to Voyager users.

Voyager also offers 100 percent commission-free transactions – including buying and selling. Traders only have to pay only the quoted price when executing an order on the platform.

Crypto Trading Technologies, the mother company of Voyager Token is led by a group with experience in online brokerage services. The project was jointly founded by Stephen Ehrlich, Philip Eytan, Gaspard de Dreuzy, and Oscar Salazar.

Stephen Ehrlich, the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation is a veteran in the brokerage and financial market specializing in developing trading platforms for equity and options traders. He is the founder of Lightspeed Financial and former CEO of E*TRADE Professional Trading LLC.

Chairman of the Voyager Foundation, Philip Eytan, started as a Telecom M&A analyst at Morgan Stanley and portfolio manager at Cerberus Capital. He is the co-founder of the digital healthcare startup, Pager. He is one of the founding investors of Uber, Source, and Livestream.

Gaspard de Dreuzy serves as a board member for the Voyager Foundation. A veteran in the brokerage and financial market, he started his career as an advisor to Warner Music. He is also the co-founder of Kapitall,, and Pager.

Oscar Salazar is an investor and experienced developer of customer-driven mobile applications. He is best known for being the founding architect and Chief Technical Officer of UBER. He is also a co-founder of the digital healthcare startup.


October 2018
Voyager Token was founded by Gaspard de Dreuzy, Oscar Salazar, Philip Eytan and Stephen Ehrlich.

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