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Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange

Trade cryptocurrency with confidence on an industry-leading matching engine with the largest liquidity pool in the world. Buy digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum on Mandala Exchange.

Mandala is a cryptocurrency exchange where traders can buy and trade crypto. The platform talks about its speed, efficient interface, security, and better trading experiences. In addition, Mandala has its own token, and this Mandala Exchange review will be focused on helping you learn everything about the platform.


- The crypto exchange Mandala, has low fees.

- The security protocols of the platform is standard, providing two-factor authentication. In addition, the funds are secured by Binance.

- Mandala does not provide a wallet of its own.

- The platform has a mobile application.

- Mandala does not have an official token of its own.

Mandala is a crypto exchange powered by Binance Cloud with a liquidity pool, making it an exceptional one. The platform can be used to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Anyone can create an account on the Mandala exchange and start trading. Moreover, Mandala is in high compliance with legal rules and regulations while not overlooking the security protocols and transaction speed.

With Mandala, users can easily start trading in pairs and check out the markets for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Mandala offers technical indicators with time intervals of minutes and hours for better understanding.

Traders can also view their orders, order history, trade history, and funds on the exchange. In addition, the platform has a token of its own called “Mandala Exchange Token”, which can be used to reduce trading fees.

Users can check on the BTC, Fiat, Alts, MDXT markets by simply going to the market tab and will be able to observe all the pairs, their last price, change in 24 hours, market cap, and 24-hour volume. In addition, traders can check either with single coins or with all the coins at a time. Furthermore, you can also hold MDXT and gain discounts on trading fees, rebates, and other platform enhancements.

Mandala Exchange Review: Fees

The platform has a trading fee, withdrawal fees, and deposit fees, depending upon the coin and its network. Mandala has provided a complete fee schedule for all the coins. To know more, click here. Note that there are no deposit fees.

Furthermore, HODLing MDXT makes you eligible for trading fees rebates. However, you are still charged the entire trading fees at the time of transaction and the platform provides the rebate after thirty days, either in USD or MDXT.

In addition, the platform offers a referral program to its users. For example, with Mandal exchange, traders can earn referral rewards with users joining the platform via their referral link. Moreover, with locking up of 80,000 MDXT, users can double the number of earnings from referrals. Not only this, the referees can also avail a 5% discount on trading fees.

Mandala aims to be the most trusted digital asset exchange on the market. We want our users to trade cryptocurrency with confidence on an industry-leading exchange platform with access to the largest liquidity pool in the world. While sourcing digital assets from our platform, we want our users to feel confident in the security of our custodial wallets. Through our commitment to compliance, we aim to push adoption of the digital economy with the leading regulatory bodies of the world. We intend to make Mandala a household name in the digital asset marketplace.

Founded in 2020, the Mandala team brings industry experience dating back to the early days of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in order to deliver a world-class trading platform.

The live Mandala Exchange Token price today is $0.063575 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of not available. We update our MDX to USD price in real-time. Mandala Exchange Token has no change in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #8641, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 400,000,000 MDX coins.

If you would like to know where to buy Mandala Exchange Token, the top cryptocurrency exchange for trading in Mandala Exchange Token stock is currently Mandala Exchange. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

The Mandala Exchange opened for trading in December of 2020. Based out of the Seychelles, Mandala is the first privately owned exchange to launch on the Binance Cloud platform. Mandala aims to be the most trusted digital asset exchange on the market, allowing their users to trade cryptocurrency with confidence on an industry-leading exchange platform with access to the largest liquidity pool in the world. By locking the MDX token users can trade with fees as low as 0.05%.

The mission of Mandala is "Connecting the Universe through Blockchain"​

The word "Mandala"​ means "Universe"​ in ancient Hindu & Buddhist texts and was specifically chosen as Mandala ties us together, connectively, through the universe which follows blockchain logic and the blockchain vision. flower of life symbol is designed with nature's fibonacci numbers at the heart, representing the continuity the universe provides.

At its core, Mandala is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange focused on simplicity, security and sustainability. Mandala empowers users to become more profitable on the platform by offering advice and support at each step of the trading process. This training approach is something not currently available in the blockchain asset exchange space. vision is to make trading actions on the platform very simple to understand and execute.

By utilizing easy to understand risk management and profit taking strategies, the platform will cater to novice investors but still offer features advanced enough for institutional investors as well. The Mandala platform will include integrated trade signaling for entries and exits, vital trading data and analytics, simple trading bot functionality and much more. With these powerful features, users will become more profitable and learn as they go without missing opportunities that they might not have otherwise identified or taken advantage of.

The psychological barriers delaying mass adoption should continue to be broken down as large companies such as IBM, UPS, eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Bank of America, etc. continue to invest or express interest in blockchain technology. As new investors see these established companies deploy blockchain technology, their faith and sentiment of crypto will turn more positive. This will cause exponentially more money to flow into the market over the coming years and the entry point for new funds will be through exchange platforms such as Mandala.

The current issues in the crypto and blockchain asset exchange space range from a lack of supportive trading tools and communication lapses for first-time investors, to costly downtime and security breaches. To date, it seems that quality of development and proper community updates simply do not exist. Some exchanges operate unethically or appear like online casinos. feel this gives the trading of digital assets a bad reputation. One of the Mandala platform goals is to set higher standards and bring the industry out of this “Wild West” phase. The exchange industry has seen an explosion of growth despite this lack of support, with many exchanges having goals to simply profit off uneducated investors. This needs to change.

Most exchanges have the exact same, noise-filled, trade books and traditional trade verbiage. They are difficult to understand for newcomers and offer very little support on how to successfully leverage trading tools. The most important methods to successful trading are within these tools, but without an advisor or proper training they are worthless and even dangerous to use. Strict profit and risk management strategies are a critical part of being a successful investor in digital assets and help prevent common mistakes such as ‘panic selling’. Mandala will have a detailed tutorial of all features on the platform during onboarding and utilize a digital advisor approach that will be seamlessly built into our user interface.

Access to adequate customer support at a traditional crypto exchange is rare and instead they operate under the assumption that users should scour social media and telegram groups to take advice from other neglected users and strangers potentially with malicious motives. This typically leads to increased frustration and false rumors about possible insolvency, security breaches, and general public “panic”. There are reports of users waiting long periods of time for any response after a lost transaction or lost investments with such nonexistent customer service teams. Mandala will put the community first and vows to be as transparent as possible. A best-in-world customer experience is at the forefront of our vision for the platform.

Exchanges can be vulnerable to technical issues due to an overwhelming number of trades at any given time with the total amount of transactions across all exchanges reaching billions daily. These vulnerabilities limit the amount of users that can move their funds. Cyber attacks on certain exchanges also show that there are associated financial hazards linked with the use of the crypto exchanges. Even with coins safe in a wallet, users would prefer to be able to execute a trade quickly or sell at a certain price, which requires a rapid transaction that some exchanges cannot guarantee. This is why a top notch and secure trading engine is essential to a reputable exchange. If the platform is a body, the trade engine is the heart. Mandala’s trade engine will be cutting edge and updated regularly. It will be one of the most secure and scalable in the industry and be able to handle north of 1 million transactions per second to keep up with even the heaviest traffic.Mandala is a platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets to the masses through a beautifully designed user interface and easy to understand trading technology. Mandala is introducing a functional token, MDX, which will be used to help facilitate simple and more successful trades through user friendly tools. The Mandala platform will empower beginner investors to learn while they trade using key technical indicators, big data, analytics, community strategies, fundamental analysis and automated trading bots. This innovative approach to trading is something that is not currently found in the fragmented exchange space. In addition, users will be able to unlock premium features and receive discounts on various fees by utilizing the MDX token on the platform.

The Vision

Think about the current growth of cryptocurrency markets and who it is attracting; primarily users with very little or no background experience in trading or investing. These new users become overwhelmed with information on trading, analysis, and even how to use proper risk and profit management tools on current cryptocurrency exchanges. This is a direct result of a lack of information and outdated tutorials as well as the lack of assistance from the exchanges themselves. The current exchanges available in the market are not user friendly, their trading tools are in confusing traditional market jargon, they offer zero support to empower users to make smart investments or trades, little or non-existent customer support and fall short in providing proper security for user accounts.

Mandala’s system will be simple enough that brand new users will understand how to trade/invest in crypto markets successfully by removing traditional exchange noise, using plain English tools, offering simple yet powerful automatic trade tools on-site (bots, AI-derived strategies, etc.), easy to read and very detailed portfolio data, automatic chart tutorials, trade signals, community engagement and relevant market news. The key to user success is having all of these tools encompassed in one robust platform. Although we will simplify the barriers of entry to the world of trading/investing in crypto for everyone - the system will be more powerful than current industry competitors to attract the most successful individual traders and institutional trading and investment firms.

The Mandala platform will offer better strategies, better risk management tools, and highly competitive trade and withdrawal fees. A range of premium tools are included that only MDX token holders can gain access to (see Section 6 for more information).

In summary, we believe a rising tide lifts all boats. If our exchange enables users to easily and effectively learn how to be successful traders it will have a tremendous influence on the end goal of mass adoption. users' success will translate to their families, friends, and coworkers becoming comfortable with entering crypto as well.

Key Differentiators

While the current exchanges are stuck in the early 2000’s with their traditional trade tools and lack of support, Mandala will disrupt the markets view on exchanges in the crypto space. will offer the easiest to use but also the most powerful system. It will offer tools enabling every investor or aspiring day trader, new or seasoned, to trade wisely and ultimately create success from investing and trading. hope to reduce the ‘house edge’ markets have over investors, taking the ‘gambling’ aspect out of crypto trading and empowering users to be more successful on the platform.

Some important Mandala platform features will include, but will not be limited to:

Enterprise-level matching system - Lean design and advanced risk controls

Trading of any digital asset

Support for public and private blockchains

Support for custom digital assets

Advanced & custom APIs

Financial Integrations - Banking, settlement, and payment rails

Multi-language support to attract global clientele

Modular Design - Move and customize widgets on the platform

24/7 Platform - The system never sleeps, support for round-the-clock trading and supervision

Institutional grade throughput and security

Advanced order routing and order lifecycle management

Extremely scalable connectivity and trading engine

Simple and secure authentication for KYC/AML compliance

Continuous Improvement & Updates - Quick support for new assets, modules and integrations.

In an effort to remain compliant, the Mandala crowdsale plans to utilize both Reg S and Reg A+ Securities Act exemptions, as set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The initial investment round will be for international contributors only (Non-U.S.) with a Reg S exemption. In tandem, we plan to file for a Reg A+ Tier 1 public offering exemption in order to allow for unrestricted trading of the tokens that are distributed during our crowdsale, once the exchange launches. This will allow all U.S. contributors, including non-accredited investors, to legally purchase and utilize our MDX tokens.


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Live AMA with Mandala CEO, Joseph Reiben


August 3, 2021

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