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Vantage Point Capital Partners

Vantage Point Capital Partners

Vantage Point Capital Partners is a company founded in 1996.

VantagePoint Capital Partners is a venture capital investment firm that is based in San Bruno, California. The firm was founded in 1996 and seeks to invest in companies operating in the electric vehicle, biochemical, internet, digital media, energy efficiency, social media, communication, robotic, healthcare, power management, cloud-based software, consumer technology and advanced network hardware system sectors.

VantagePoint Capital Partners (formerly VantagePoint Venture Partners, until 2011) has more than $4.5 billion in capital under management.


VantagePoint Capital Partners has made investments in Ostara, VionX Energy, IntelePeer, Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, Talix, Edo Interactive, Pica8, Liquid Light and VeriSilicon Holdings.

VantagePoint Capital Partners has had 83 exits. Their most notable exits include Tesla, Healthline Media, Tendril, Liquid Robotics and Good Technology.


VantagePoint Capital Partners has raised a total of $550M across 3 funds, their latest being Tianjin VantagePoint Hi-tech China FIVCE Fund. This fund was announced on Sep 15, 2010 and raised a total of $100M. They raised their VantagePoint Cleantech Infrastructure Fund, announced on June 22, 2007 with a total of $300 million raised. And their VantagePoint New York Fund, announced on May 22, 2001 with a total of $150 million raised.


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